A fabulous Russian Wife’s comments inside your Existence: Infinite Take pleasure in – Wonderful – Airvantis

In case you have married or perhaps are intending to get married a Russian woman you first need to find out the balance of your alter residing in the country will likely be on her behalf behalf. Making simple points and spending some time to teach the woman’s unique things tends to make wedded life […]

Apple Watch and iPhone may have built-in toxic gas detection sensors

The Apple Watch or even the iPhone in the future can identify toxic gases in the environment to warn users because Apple has just received a patent that allows the integration of a tiny sensor that recognizes gas input. these devices. CO is one of the toxic gases Apple is concerned about, it is colorless, […]

iOS 12.2 beta revealed AirPods 2 will feature “Hey Siri”

In the introductory In the introductory video about the event of the iPhone XS launch last September, if we pay close attention, we will see the details of the girl who just ran and called “Hey Siri & quot; In order to get directions, this detail makes many of us predict that the new AirPods […]

[QC] Be happy about Tet – Promotion promotion at Cellphones

January 15 – 31, welcoming Spring with CellphoneS with “ Picking up New Year – Hunting for extreme promotion approval “. The smartphone series from Samsung brand also received many attractive incentives, very good opportunity to buy mobile phones to check the spring. Galaxy A7 2018 ONLY SHOCK PRICE 5.95 MILLION 2018 Galaxy Galaxy owns […]

Olympus introduced the OM-D E-M1 Mark II limited edition camera celebrating its 100th anniversary, selling 2000 units

So, in addition to launching the Olympus E-M1X camera, the pro series with a terrible configuration yesterday, Olympus also released another camera version to celebrate its 100th anniversary as the Olympus. OM-D E-M1 Mark II. This is the high-end mirrorless machine OM-D E-M1 Mark II that was born more than 2 years ago by Olympus […]

Mobifone will free trial of 5G network in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

During Mobifone’s testing of 5G network in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, you will be able to use this technology for free. Mobifone has applied for 5G testing since late September last year and is currently working with equipment suppliers to prepare for the project. Mobifone expects that 5G devices will arrive in Vietnam […]

LG G8 ThinQ without voice speaker, will use screen vibration technology to transmit sound?

The latest leaked news suggests that LG G8 ThinQ will no longer use the voice speaker, replacing it with a second selfie camera, it seems that this will be a super-wide base tube to selfie more people. If this information is correct, ThinQ has all 4 cameras, 2 front and 2 back. Because no longer […]

Test eSIM (Vinaphone) with international iPhone Xs Max

Testing Vinaphone eSIM shows that registering a SIM card is simpler and faster than using a traditional sim quite a lot. In terms of network speed, voice and text quality is very smooth, not lost. eSIM also brings a lot of other values ​​not only good for users, for phone carriers, operators and also for […]

On hand and donated Samsung SGH-M300: the lid that year we used to pursue

Now, the children ‘s childhood is smartphones, touch screens & quot; lighters & quot ;, & quot; ticks & quot ;. Nearly ten years ago, childhood was a & quot; perverted & quot; – close the lid or slide. The flip phones – that slide was the dream of many people. It is true that […]