The app market is Apple and Google ‘s gold mine, over the past year, the total amount of users spent on games and applications increased by 22.7% over the previous year, reaching $ 71.3 billion for the total. two. And it is not surprising that Apple continues to lead in revenue from Apple Store compared to Google, although there are many differences in downloads.

The App Store reached $ 46.6 billion compared with $ 24.8 billion users spent on Google Play Store. AppStore revenue itself also increased by more than 20% over the same period in 2017.

Meanwhile, in terms of download, Google Play overwhelmed with 75.7 billion downloads compared to 29.6 billion of App store.


Revenue chart of the two largest app stores today


This is a graph showing the number of downloads
Both companies have the right to be happy because the indicators are good and bring a lot of benefits to them and a lot of revenue from mobile game revenue. Clearly the distribution of electronic, game and application services is becoming a huge potential to exploit in the future.

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