AI playing StarCraft II AlphaStar has won a professional gamer

After AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence played the turn to defeat world champions Fan Hui, Lee Sedol and most recently Ke Jie, another artificial intelligence developed by Google DeepMind recently. 2 professional gamers Dario “TLO” W√ľnsch and Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz in the game StarCraft II. It is worth mentioning that, in 11 matches that are streamed […]

Top US universities simultaneously removed Huawei telecom equipment

Top US universities are simultaneously eliminating telecommunications equipment from Huawei and other Chinese companies. This is a consequence of NDAA national security law, cutting government funding for organizations using Chinese telecommunications equipment. The US government believes that telecommunications devices from Huawei and Chinese companies are a threat to security, allowing the Chinese government to track […]

Sales of Nintendo Switch gaming consoles are expected to plummet in 2019

After the first two successful years, sales of Nintendo Switch are expected to decrease by 25-35% in 2019. This marked the saturation of the market and prompted Nintendo to make changes to improve future sales. Previously, Nintendo ordered about 24 million Switches in 2018 with component suppliers, but sold less than 20 million units. Overall, […]

DTS: X high quality audio technology will be available on TV streams 2020

DTS and Mediatek have just announced the DTS: X audio processor chip solution for TV, and promises to be an indispensable part of high-end TVs in 2020. DTS: X helps users experience sound High quality through online services, and optimized for standard 4K IMAX Enchanced movies. DTS: X is part of the Enhanced IMAX standard […]

On the 3/4 helmet 2 glasses AGV Orbyt Dreamtime – the closeness of the fullface, is 4.8 million

Today I will hand the AGV 3/4 2-glass hat called Orbyt in my hand. This is a new model of AGV in 2018 replacing the previous Fluid model. The hat I use on my hand is called Orbyt Dreamtime, this is one of the special colored versions of the Orbyt line so don’t ask why […]

China admits it still does not know how to use new generation weapons developed by itself

Although it claims to have developed a lot of high-tech military hardware, including new generation fighters, electromagnetic guns, … but it turns out that the Chinese military, including their military doctrine, has not yet able to use these weapons. Even an elite brigade with the latest advanced weapons but still lost in a battle exercise, […]

Chrome updates API, extension blocking ads and security runs out of land

Google is about to update a series of API functions for extensions in Chrome browser and this change will affect not only ad blocking extensions (Adblock) but also many extensions of security and anti-virus software, management for parents as well as other information security enhancement services. ¬†Raymond Hill – the author of the top ad […]

Learn the “fake death” phenomenon in the animal world

The phenomenon of death and death is quite common in the animal world. You can see typical of the Oposum weasel, when attacked by a brutal predator and no way to escape, they will roll themselves unmoving, stick their tongue, drool and deflect the extremely rotten solution from anal. These disgusting things make the attacker […]

Boeing’s self-propelled taxi has just completed its first test flight

Boeing airline said the prototype of the self-propelled drone taxi they developed has just completed the first test flight, a new step to help the competition to revolutionize the vehicle. The move for urban areas is becoming increasingly fierce. In this race, Boeing’s direct competitor included Airbus and Textron based in the US. In addition, […]

# Tet19: Something about Sony OLED TVs – more and more accessible and image-optimized trends

Although not attracting as much attention as Z9G, recently at CES 2019 Sony has also launched two new OLED TV series: Bravia A8G and Master Series A9G. If 8K is representative of the future trend, the duo shows that 4K OLED TVs are increasingly accessible as well as optimizing image quality by service that promises […]