# Tet19: Sa Dec flower village on Tet holiday

In recent years, the name “Sa Dec flower village” is no longer strange to you. I stopped here for the third time, still feeling like it. I like the part because of the freshness and the typical setting, the rest mainly comes from the people here. I feel familiar every time I come here. I […]

Thanks to eSIM, we can store more than 3 SIMs on an iPhone

So you see the test of eSIM on the network in Vietnam. During the past experience, I found that iPhone XS Max /XS /Xr can store more than 3 SIMs. For those of you who use multiple SIMs for different purposes, storing multiple eSIMs on your phone will bring a very noticeable convenience.      Here […]

[Clip] Experience Tesla Model 3 – Good driving experience, but lifeless

The Tesla Model 3 is the second car in life (after the Ferrari 488 GTB), which made me startled when I was new. The reason is because its experiences are almost completely different from the cars currently on the market. From inserting the card (card) to fixing the device, opening the trunk through the touch […]

Video, slide and offline session photos about Getting Started with AI, Machine Learning

Thank you for coming, very crowded and happy, sincerely apologize to you guys who have to come back later because the space is limited. Thinking about the next time to work somewhere bigger. Hope you have gathered a lot of useful information after the workshop, and you are interested in data, start learning and learning […]

Office 365 has gone to the Mac App Store, now you’ll download Office faster and easier

Microsoft has just put its Office 365 application suite on the Mac App Store, which means that every time you need to download or update this app, you just need to go to Store to see it, no need to rummage around. Google or the Microsoft website to find the installer. Of course, after downloading […]

[QC] Shocking Deal on Tiki for the US Headset brand – Only from 159k

If you are a fan of music, always need inspiration wherever you are, you should definitely not ignore this brand of headphones. It is Soul Electronics – the famous brand that comes from the country of flower flags. With a distinctive, strong, powerful sound and a modern design for an active life, Soul Electronics is […]

AI playing StarCraft II AlphaStar has won a professional gamer

After AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence played the turn to defeat world champions Fan Hui, Lee Sedol and most recently Ke Jie, another artificial intelligence developed by Google DeepMind recently. 2 professional gamers Dario “TLO” Wünsch and Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz in the game StarCraft II. It is worth mentioning that, in 11 matches that are streamed […]

Top US universities simultaneously removed Huawei telecom equipment

Top US universities are simultaneously eliminating telecommunications equipment from Huawei and other Chinese companies. This is a consequence of NDAA national security law, cutting government funding for organizations using Chinese telecommunications equipment. The US government believes that telecommunications devices from Huawei and Chinese companies are a threat to security, allowing the Chinese government to track […]

Sales of Nintendo Switch gaming consoles are expected to plummet in 2019

After the first two successful years, sales of Nintendo Switch are expected to decrease by 25-35% in 2019. This marked the saturation of the market and prompted Nintendo to make changes to improve future sales. Previously, Nintendo ordered about 24 million Switches in 2018 with component suppliers, but sold less than 20 million units. Overall, […]

DTS: X high quality audio technology will be available on TV streams 2020

DTS and Mediatek have just announced the DTS: X audio processor chip solution for TV, and promises to be an indispensable part of high-end TVs in 2020. DTS: X helps users experience sound High quality through online services, and optimized for standard 4K IMAX Enchanced movies. DTS: X is part of the Enhanced IMAX standard […]