Modern biometric security technology is now more than just unlocking your phone or tablet with technologies like Face ID or Touch ID, but security vendors have turned to vascular scanning technology. Under fingers rely on infrared LED and image sensor instead of fingerprint reader as before.


The idea of ​​this technology will be completely secure because the blood vessels are hidden under the finger skin and everyone has different blood vessels, but recently hackers have found a way to break this security layer. At the Chaos Communication Congress event held in Leipzig, Germany, security researchers brought here a waxed prosthetic hand, and in the surprise of those present in the auditorium, that hand waxed over Security class with camera and infrared light to read blood vessels along fingers.


Basically, security with blood vessels under the finger uses a computer to scan the user’s shape, size and location. To deceive this complex scanning system, researchers had to take 2,500 shots of human hands with a DSLR that removed the infrared filter to show the location of blood vessels under the skin of the hand. These pictures were then analyzed to create a waxed version of the prosthetic hand, and the blood vessels were carved directly onto the hands. The infrared scanner from there was deceived.


Of course it is not easy to create a fake hand to deceive biometric systems that scan human blood vessels, unlike stealing other people’s fingerprints from the things they touch every day. However, the researchers’ test showed that no security technology is 100% secure as advertised by firms.

Reference Engadget

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