In 2016, British hacker Daniel Kaye attacked the server of an African telecommunications company called Lonestar. During the attack, he accidentally caused the transmission of the entire West African nation of Liberia. Currently, Judge Blackfriars Crown sentenced Kaye to 32 months in prison. NCA, the British homeland security agency, said it could be the most typical high-tech crime case in the UK ever tried.


Daniel Kaye is a person who self-learns the skills to infiltrate personal and business servers, and begins to search for reputation and money on the dark web, receiving attacks to “hire” others’ goals. desire, such as competitors of companies, for example.

According to the indictment, in 2015, Kaye was hired to attack the server of the Lonestar network, based in Monrovia, Liberia for $ 10,000 on the dark web. The person who hired him to do this was later investigated, an employee of a competing company, Cellcom. The court failed to find evidence that Cellcom himself had asked his employees to find hackers to break the opponent


By November 2016, Kaye created a botnet to Lonestar Cell’s DDoS servers. The problem is, this botnet is not a trivial form, but it is called “Mirai # 14”, a variant of one of the scariest botnets that cyber security experts have faced.

Mirai was the first version created by Paras Jha, a student at Rutgers University to attack Minecraft servers and then blackmail “hosting” those server owners. However, instead of just making change, bad programmers do not anticipate the power they create. Instead of attacking the server directly, Mirai takes control of IoT devices, which is rarely used by security users, just log in with the original admin /admin account. can be used. As a result, Mirai creates a zombie legion of devices that can connect to the internet, from cameras, smart speakers, refrigerators, … from all over the world and use them to attack refusal to translate. server a certain server. In September and October 2016, Mirai raged, causing Amazon, Sony and many banks around the world to be paralyzed.


Meanwhile, Kaye uses Mirai to order webcams and internet-connected devices to send huge data packets to the Liberia-based telecommunications company’s server. Here, mobile phone users, not only of Lonestar networks, are disconnected. Lonestar called cyber security experts to fight the attack, but it was too late because the botnet itself was out of control of hackers in England.‚Äč

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