[QC] Be happy about Tet – Promotion promotion at Cellphones

January 15 – 31, welcoming Spring with CellphoneS with “ Picking up New Year – Hunting for extreme promotion approval “. The smartphone series from Samsung brand also received many attractive incentives, very good opportunity to buy mobile phones to check the spring. Galaxy A7 2018 ONLY SHOCK PRICE 5.95 MILLION 2018 Galaxy Galaxy owns […]

[QC] Shocking Deal on Tiki for the US Headset brand – Only from 159k

If you are a fan of music, always need inspiration wherever you are, you should definitely not ignore this brand of headphones. It is Soul Electronics – the famous brand that comes from the country of flower flags. With a distinctive, strong, powerful sound and a modern design for an active life, Soul Electronics is […]

[QC] VIB Bank Week: Donate up to VND 300 million to customers who register products through the website

VIB devotes up to VND 300 million to give customers successful service registration through a completely new digital banking website. This is a part of the Digital Banking Week program implemented by VIB, on the occasion of launching a brand new digital banking website for website visitors vib.com.vn , register to successfully use any banking […]

[QC] Extreme Shock Deal on Tiki for Sweden’s leading brand of headphones and speakers

b> Defunc – loudspeaker company, headphones come from Sweden – the country worth living in the world. The name of the company is a combination of Design (Design) and Function (Function), which is also the orientation that the founders always aim to: Help simplify the user experience. Based on your needs, we have selected quality […]

[QC] Kitchen God ‘s Day – Apple Price – Deep down to 23% of all products

span style = “font-size: 15px”> Celebrate the Apple New Year, all Apple products including iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, … all fell to 23% at Hoang Ha Mobile. Shopping Apple, it’s very good price On December 23, the Taoist family went home to heaven, and you picked up Apple home. Why not? From January 25 […]

[QC] Super typhoon gift up to 3.29 million VND from Garmin

“ The New Year – Great Gift ” is the biggest promotion last year with a gift of vivosmart 4 health worth VND 3.29 million for all customers when buying fenix 5 plus series during preferential period. The program only lasts for 1 month and is expected to end soon if the gifts are gone. […]

[QC] LG air conditioner is rated “excellent intelligence” in 2018

Air conditioner LG V10APF has recently been voted by experts and consumers as “Excellent Smart Air Conditioner” at TechAwards 2018. Connectivity and control via Wi-fi LG V10APF air conditioner is rated as “excellent smart” for the first reason is the ability to connect to wifi. This is one of the indispensable devices in a Smart […]

[QC] Sony A7M3 and a series of world-class camera awards

If you’re a photography lover, you’ve probably heard a lot of professional photographers talk about Sony A7M3. From the time of launch, Sony’s special mirrorless camera has shaken the entire photographic community by the perfect balance between resolution – speed – features to meet the rigorous requirements of the only photography and also filming. All […]

[QC] Celebrate Vietnam big win, Accessories Or reduce all drama accessories in 10 days

On the occasion of the end of the old year to celebrate the Ky Hoi spring, the occasion also cheered the Vietnamese team at Asias 2019 with the recent victory, the Accessories Shop or the Sale off program of the dramatic drama technology in 10. Last day sent to technology believers the best deals, opportunities […]

[QC] 2018 housing market is vibrant, houses under 3 billion are more and more popular

In the two main markets of the country, the average housing price increased by 11.9% in Hanoi and increased by 15.6% in Ho Chi Minh City. The housing segment under 3 billion is increasingly expensive when attracting 60% of buyers’ interest this year. Exciting housing market thanks to economic growth and development infrastructure Vietnam’s economic […]