S9 / S9 + SSVN has received the official Android Pie, come on!

Today S9 /S9 + SSVN has allowed users to update Android Pie officially via OTA, which siblings use S9 /S9 + check the test machine! Vietnam is one of the countries where Samsung has received official Androi Pie updates on Galaxy machines quite early. Countries are getting official Android Pie: Germany Switzerland Italy United Arab […]

5 actions to synchronize data from iCloud via Android device

iCloud is a place to store personal data from images, emails, messages, contacts, etc. from Apple devices. However, until now, the Apple ecosystem is a separate world separate from other user ecosystems, especially Android. So what if we switch from an Apple device to an Android ecosystem and want to Sync data? Please guide a […]

[Basic] How to control the application that is accessing your location on an Android device

About downloading and buying Apps on CH Play, we often pay little attention to allowing that application to access and determine our location. Google Map alone is fine because we need to have a location to get directions, but there are many Apps that don’t necessarily allow location access, and psychological trust when downloading will […]

Android: 5 simple ways to not lose data on your phone

Don’t let unfortunate incidents cause you to lose data anymore, please follow the steps below to make sure your data is always safe, even if you lose your computer or crash it, it can still be restored easily. easy. Please share the experience of using or backup methods that I haven’t mentioned yet. 1. Synchronize […]