LG G8 ThinQ without voice speaker, will use screen vibration technology to transmit sound?

The latest leaked news suggests that LG G8 ThinQ will no longer use the voice speaker, replacing it with a second selfie camera, it seems that this will be a super-wide base tube to selfie more people. If this information is correct, ThinQ has all 4 cameras, 2 front and 2 back. Because no longer […]

The Honor 10 Lite is priced at 5.3 million: beautiful screen, still using the microUSB port

The Honor 10 Lite has a beautiful screen and current trend design with a water drop screen with a Gradient style back. However, a mid-range machine is not perfect. The Honor 10 Lite still has minus points such as fake glass design and not real glass and still using microUSB charging port. In addition, the […]

Official: Huawei will launch the first 5G screen smartphone folded in the world at MWC 2019

No longer a rumor, Huawei has just revealed at the launch of the 5G modem chip that they will launch the world’s first folding 5G smartphone at MWC 2019 in Barcelona next February. The 5G smartphone will feature the Kirin 980 chip and the Balong 5000 chip – the 5G chip that Huawei has just […]

Vivo launches Apex 2019 concept: 12GB RAM, “full-screen” fingerprint sensor, no physical buttons

Vivo has just officially introduced the Vivo Apex concept 2019 with Super Unibody design, absolutely “no hole”, without connection port, no physical buttons, no speaker holes (not commercial version). Vivo Apex 2019 is a 5G smartphone equipped with 855 chip, 256 or 512GB internal memory, 12GB RAM. Vivo will also bring the upcoming Apex Concept […]

Galaxy S10 continues to “reveal”: there are still 3.5mm jack, S10 + with dual selfie camera

Many clear images of two smartphones are said to be Galaxy S10 and S10 + coming soon on February 20 of Samsung has just continued to leak. Accordingly, Galaxy S10 + will have dual selfie camera in front and S10 duo have Infinity-O screen – & quot; mole & quot ;. The device still uses […]

Honor the Honor 10 Lite in Vietnam: price of 5.29 million, 24MP selfie camera, water drop screen

Honor has officially sold the Honor 10 Lite in Vietnam for 5tr290 for the 64GB internal memory version and announced a partnership with Ulike’s popular beauty camera application. Machine sold will run Android 9 and give Honor Band bracelet. Users will have 3 color versions to choose from: snow green, ocean blue and mysterious black. […]

This is Galaxy S10 with screen cut holes, integrated encrypted wallet

Images posted on Twitter show that the Galaxy S10 phone with very thin borders, almost 100% of the front surface is used to display the screen. It looks more square than S8, S9, more like Galaxy Note. The interesting point is that we see the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app on the screen, which seems to […]

Time to update Android 9 Pie for you to use Nokia

HMD has just posted on Twitter the route to update Android Pie for their remaining models that haven’t received the update yet. Looking here we can see that the Nokia 5, Nokia 3.1 Plus will have hot products to play right in this January, Nokia 6, Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1, 2.1 will be available in […]

Meizu Zero: phone without USB port, no SIM slot, no headphone jack

The Meizu Zero is the phone & quot; crazy & quot; Meizu’s, it does not have any connection ports: no USB port, no headset, no SIM tray. Charging the device will use wireless charging, SIM will change to eSIM, even fingerprint sensor is also brought down the screen and all buttons are replaced with virtual […]

Xiaomi shows off folding smartphone screen, more beautiful than the one at CES19

It seems that the screen folded in 2019 will be one of the development trends that many manufacturers are aiming at, first from Samsung, and now Xiaomi may also follow this direction. Just recently, a 51-second video revealed a neatly screened device that was revealed by Xiaomi president Mr. Lin Bin.      Just like the […]