# Tet19: Share the popular beauty camera application

Beauty is an essential need of many people and it has almost no limits. So, even if AI has a smart smartphone, people still prefer beauty camera applications, taking more godly photos than AI’s natural beauty level. Well, not to mention the iPhone users do not have a beauty mode, so they often use it. […]

Viettel is licensed to test 5G network in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

Viettel is the first network operator in Vietnam to be licensed to test 5G in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. According to ICTNews, Viettel has completed the application for testing 5G network infrastructure after it has been prepared before. The operator hopes to build a stable infrastructure to cater for upcoming 5G network […]

Introduce brothers and sisters two useful Apple Music online listeners

If you are a member of Apple Music but for some reason want to listen to music directly from the website (for example, to save resources), the two pages of Play Apple Music and Musish will be the only two options. of you. Apple does not provide a web platform for their music service but […]

AppStore and Googleplay 2018: Apple makes more money, Google downloads more

The app market is Apple and Google ‘s gold mine, over the past year, the total amount of users spent on games and applications increased by 22.7% over the previous year, reaching $ 71.3 billion for the total. two. And it is not surprising that Apple continues to lead in revenue from Apple Store compared […]

Netflix simultaneously raises rates for all service packages in the US

Netflix suddenly raised the price of their streaming packages by 13-18% from the current cost, which is the highest price increase ever since Netflix launched in 2007 and applied in the US. Currently, the cost of packages in Vietnam remains the same level of 180,000 (Basic) – 220,000 (Standard HD) – 260,000 (Prenium 4K), and […]

# Tet19: Ways to transfer money right on Tet

In the days of Tet, the demand for money transfer has skyrocketed. When you go home, you will transfer money to your family first so that you will not have to take along the cash department, and then you buy and sell goods to increase the transaction to push the goods at the end of […]

MoMo successfully called capital in the third round, entering the Top 100 Fintech World

MoMo has just announced their record growth in 2018 and the successful call in the 3rd round of call (series C), including the contribution of private fund Warburg Pincus. Momo does not share specific numbers, but this figure could be the highest number that foreign investors have ever put in a Fintech business – financial […]

Ransomware users “Ryuk” pocket more than $ 3.7 million thanks to extortion

On December 29, 2018, those who want to buy paper newspapers in the US such as the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal or many other newspapers are unable to achieve their goals. The reason is that a type of malware called Ryuk attacked the system of Tribune Publishing, the agency that hosts […]

Record the most liked photo on Instagram: 26 million chicken eggs!

There is no need to capture in dangerous places, taking a photo of famous people or pretty girls, but just a simple egg can get nearly 26 million likes on Instagram and become the most liked photo. on this social network as of now. Previously, the most liked image position on Instagram belonged to Kylie […]

British Hacker knocked down the internet in Liberia

In 2016, British hacker Daniel Kaye attacked the server of an African telecommunications company called Lonestar. During the attack, he accidentally caused the transmission of the entire West African nation of Liberia. Currently, Judge Blackfriars Crown sentenced Kaye to 32 months in prison. NCA, the British homeland security agency, said it could be the most […]