Spotify has more than 200 million active users every month, what kind of music are you listening to?

With over 40 million songs in the library and supporting almost all of the current platforms, Spotify has announced that they already have more than 200 million active members each month. Currently, Spotify has more than 113 million free users, meaning ads in use, and 87 million members pay for copyright packages. In Vietnam, Spotify’s […]

12 hidden games in Google services may not be known to you

In Google products and services, there are always mini-games or hidden fun features that we may never know, I’ll show you 12 pretty interesting things in this topic, such as playing Card games, pacman, hunting snakes, … If you still find something more fun, please share it, because I think there are not only 12 […]

[You may not know yet] Now has Fresh service “go shopping”, including gift baskets for this Tet holiday

Most of you are too familiar with ordering food and drinks via DeliveryNOW but not many people know and use other services of NOW, including Fresh service – & quot; shopping market & quot ;. Even in the upcoming Tet holiday, if you do not have time to buy Tet gift baskets, you can also […]

Distinguish two options “High quality” and “Original” on Google Photos – How is the image compressed?

Google Photos is an extremely great multi-platform service that allows us to store, sync ALL images to it with any format, device. Emphasis on the word is all because: Google Photos can allow users to store unlimited images, with a small feature as follows. If you want to upload and unload unlimited stations, users have […]

Alexa now has Wolfram Alpha, a tool for math and scientific knowledge answers

Amazon continues to integrate Alexa with a powerful search engine from Wolfram Alpha, a mathematical search engine, as well as answering almost all scientific knowledge and daily life. This additional integration is currently only available on a small number of users, certainly Amazon is experimenting on a small area before putting the utility on a […]

Too many users, Amazon Alexa server encountered the right Christmas in Europe

Because there are so many people connecting and using, the Amazon Alexa information processing server for Echo smart speakers has literally collapsed at 10 am GMT on October 25 last Christmas. Thousands of users of Amazon Echo complain that it is impossible to order this smart speaker. All they hear is “Sorry, I have trouble […]

# TT18: Five scandals of Facebook, entertainment trends like TikTok and privacy issues

This year is not a good year for Facebook and many other social networks. Facebook has experienced the most thunderstorm since its establishment, both technically, users and legal. Google also encountered many problems with Google+, which forced the company to shut down this social network after a while of life & quot; fluttering & quot […]

Saving “mothers who are angry, revealing goods” on YouTube and the mind of people making money?

Everywhere there is a “law” & quot; money, everyone needs it, but it is important to be in the mind of someone who makes money. The first day was a video of Spiderman Elsa … revealing, disgusting on YouTube, children’s videos, but the content was 18+. That time the channel owner & quot; Spiderman Frozen […]