# TTBC18: For MoMo, Grab, Tiki dominate the service voting group

TTBC18 in the service category shows the superiority of strong names in areas such as e-wallet, car call service or e-commerce website. The dominant names in this voting group may include MoMo (78%), Grab (75%) or Tiki (62%). Remarkably, the banking application group showed the rise of the application from BIDV, instead of Vietcombank or […]

What is super app? Why do companies do super apps and why do you use super apps?

Super app is a phrase you often hear in the past 2 years, it is the app & quot; everything has a & quot; and there are some representatives in Vietnam, Now.vn and Grab, recently added GoViet. Why did they launch apps like this? Its role is huge, and it is both an ecosystem, a […]

MasterCard will not allow charging after trial (trial) if you forget to cancel the service

Everyone has a trial (trial) of a software or service that forgets to cancel the subscription when it is no longer used and is charged via card. MasterCard wants to prevent this and they set new rules for vendors that users must agree to be charged. Specifically as follows: when you register for trial and […]

Amazon officially set foot in Vietnam market

Amazon has finally officially arrived in Vietnam and Vietnamese people will be able to sell through Amazon.com. This time is real, not a misunderstanding like the information last year. Specifically, on January 14, Department of Trade Promotion under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Amazon Global Selling announced cooperation. Vietnamese people, Vietnamese businesses will […]

Tiki reached the 2nd position in Vietnam E-commerce industry in the fourth quarter of 2018

Tiki officially surpassed and followed the Shopee button in the second position of e-commerce industry in the fourth quarter of 2018. Vietnamese E-commerce enterprise reached the Top 10 e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia. If in the third quarter of 2018, the entire e-commerce industry witnessed a jump of Shopee to the top position with more […]

# Tet19: Things need to be careful when card transactions last year

The end of the year is a season of card money, and it’s also a season of bad guys who strengthen hacking activities to steal your money. These are the ways I use to ensure the security of my card’s money, please consult. 1. Separate accounts for international cards and ATM cards The national card […]

The reasons why I like to use e-wallets, what about you?

I want to invite many brothers to use the card /e-wallet as much as possible to gradually remove cash so in this article I share the reasons why I use e-wallet regularly. Mostly I use MoMo, AirPay should share it much, the other wallet is similar. Online payment is very convenient and safe I have […]