# Tet19: Should I buy a washing machine under 10 million? Information to know before choosing a washing machine

At the end of the year we want to replace the old washing machine that has been used for more than 10 years so I spent some time learning to buy a new machine and now want to share the experience with you, hoping to help you little much in choosing a suitable washing machine […]

The Coffee Bean dropped by 10k when using an environmental protection bottle, giving you a 30oz YETI purchase

On the official fanpage of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Vietnam, we have just announced a 10,000VND discount program for those who bring their own jars or glasses to buy water. Specifically, the program will be for you to completely use your personal jug or jug ​​and not for non-reusable plastic jars or glasses. […]

#ThiReview: Review MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017

When using the 2017 Mac Pro, I first felt that the overall design was beautiful. Sharp screen. The trackpad is quite big, very nice. Listening to music is also quite good. But there is one point I don’t like very much that the keyboard feels like it’s not the same as before. Leaving the USB […]

Philips GC558 steam iron on hand: Easy to use, sterilize, 5 spraying modes, cost 5.3 million

Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558 stand iron is suitable for sophisticated gaudy fabrics such as lace, bobbing, chiffon, beaded; and thicker and harder fabrics such as jeans and khaki should refer to the iron line. 5 modes of steam spray to choose depending on the type of fabric and the ability to marinate essential oils, kill […]

[Android, iOS] # Tet19: clean up your phone to prepare for the new year with 3 simple steps

Preparing for Tet, outside cleaning the door, cleaning up the car, the phone is also something you need to clean up to make sure your device runs well and doesn’t run out of capacity in the middle of going to Tet. In this article, I summarize the most commonly used ways when you need to […]

# Tet19: How to buy a household electric rice cooker

Here I share with you some experience of choosing rice cookers to cook at home. These pots are a normal pot, not a smart pot with Wi-Fi connection (I have no experience with such smart products). With the upcoming Tet holiday, you may buy a new rice cooker or buy a rice cooker to give […]

Selected 2 household electric gifts: Wi-Fi table lamp and Xiaomi blender

After letting you vote for a few days, we finally got the results of 2 products that will be bought for you when sharing your home appliances: Xiaomi’s LED Wi-Fi desk lamp and blender also Xiaomi’s. Terms and conditions of participation and time of participation will be announced by us as soon as possible (currently […]

# CES19: FoldiMate clothes folding machine: saving time and effort, costing about 1000 dollars

FoldiMate is a machine that automatically folds clothes, replacing us with this boring job and saves a lot of time. This is a very good idea, making life easier and more comfortable. The machine introduced two years ago, is now complete and is expected to be sold by the end of this year, priced at […]

# CES19: On Ohmni’s hand, your “embodied” robot, developed by Vietnamese startup

For the Ohmni robot, even though I am traveling far away, I can still talk to my relatives at home. Just open the computer or phone, then control the robot around the house and talk, and your voice and image will be transmitted to your loved ones through the speaker and the robot’s screen, at […]

# CES19: On Gillette Heated Razor razor, warm the skin before shaving

Gillette researched that humans like to shave after warming with warm water, warm towels, … so they create a razor-head razor with a heating element of 45 or 50 degrees. This will go through the area of ​​the skin to be shaved just before the blade cuts through the beard, which will make it feel […]