# Tet19: Solution to quickly print images, logos on shirts, dark fabrics or gifts with low investment costs

Tet is here, not this weekend we have to make all year for Tinh brothers, we need some uniform for the group, so I stopped by True Color to ask for help to print some samples. This is also the place where previously mod Male _ Airblade14 went to experience and introduce, hand print solutions […]

Review Nokia 8.1 Camera: Clear fonts, good image quality …

The appearance of Nokia 8.1 in the last period of 2018 seems to create more exciting parts and the “variety”. Photographic features of the mid-range camera phone market. According to my personal observations, the mid-range segment has a huge amount of phones capable of taking pictures with quite similar performance and quality, the difference now […]

Camera Vsmart Active 1+ rating: Not meeting expectations

Recently, the Vsmart Active 1+ commercial version has been sold for 6.29 million VND. This is the most advanced model of four phones introduced by Vinsmart at the end of last year. I experienced the phone and tried taking photos in a number of different conditions and found it to be less impressive. Some parameters […]

[Result] iPhone XR and Pixel 3 cameras: found a better device!

As promised to you, after 48 hours I checked the EXIF ​​image and gave the final result. More than 2000 brothers participated in the predictive comment and among them 2/3 of them gave the correct result with the image position number 1 (above) belonging to iPhone XR and photo number 2 (below) was taken from […]

On the hands of Nikatei moisture resistant cabinet – NC 50s

With electronic display placed outside helps to display and adjust humidity and temperature parameters in a simple and effective way, the ability to manually adjust the humidity or LED light to get the device easily with the Other design details inside to help preserve the camera and electronic equipment better and more user-friendly are the […]

Try printing photos with Canon Mini Photo Printer for your phone: very fast, good print quality

Canon introduced the pocket photo printer for smartphone users very conveniently. A small battery with a spare battery pack can be pocketed, chest-mounted, and built-in rechargeable battery, can print photo moments anytime, anywhere. Canon mini photo printer PV-123 has 3 fashionable colors Rose Gold, Mint Green and Slate Gray, uses thermal printing technology ZINK ™ […]

5 highlights when experiencing Camera Vsmart Joy 1

The Vsmart Joy 1 is the cheapest of four recent Vinsmart smartphones. Users who do not expect too much on a phone with only 2.5 million dong in terms of camera performance, however, Vsmart Joy 1 has shown itself to be a phone worthy of this price. Camera Delicate, please highlight the 5 highlights of […]

Review GoPro Hero 7 with music processing: GoPro Hero 7 less charming version!

Hi brother, Today I will send you a review of a new camera, and there are a lot of people who reviewed it. HOW my review is, I believe it is NEW. That’s Review Gopro Hero 7 Black with MUSIC . I chose this new product to review because I wanted to try the review […]