[Image] Discharge of technology warehouse at Cafe Delicate: Eastern fun, variety of items

Please take a look at the image of the Technology Warehouse at the Exquisite Café today. A large number of brothers have come to choose to buy items discounted by technology stores. The store sells goods, you can buy goods and join the game to receive fun gifts.      List of participating stores: 1. 3KShop […]

Is the “10 years challenge” movement for Facebook to get information for the face recognition system?

In the last few days if your hard-working brothers surfed Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you would have been overpriced with pictures comparing your friends’ faces 10 years ago and now watching them for a decade. how people change. I have a small conspiracy theory for you to exchange weekends: Facebook created this trend to stimulate […]

[Fun] Please try to challenge 5 geometry problems at level 2, what can you solve?

These math problems are given by Ms. Catriona Shearer. She is a math teacher from a high school in northern Essex, England. Her Twitter page often posts geometric puzzle problems that many people think about . I see the same lessons in the 2nd grade math students’ exam. Here are 5 problems with increasing difficulty, […]

15 charts describe human achievements in 2018

2018 cannot be called a perfect year for people all over the world. But in the middle of a turbulent year, there are still many good news coming from environmental or health aspects. Below is a summary of 15 charts showing those positive changes. Environment The worst news about the environment of 2018 is the […]

Fortnite has achieved sales of USD 455 million in 2018, calculated only on the App Store on iOS

Fortnite is a special game and 2018 is Fortnite’s glorious year when playing on the mobile platform, the game has achieved half a billion dollars in revenue, that’s only on iOS user ecosystem. This was beyond the expectations of Epic Games developer, when in early 2018 they expected Fortnite Mobile (both iOS and Android) to […]

Streamer ‘Ninja’ gets the highest views on Twitch with Fornite

American Streamer – Richard Tyler Blevins with a nickname that everyone knows is & quot; Ninja & quot; has a great reputation in the entertainment electronics industry, now Ninja’s channel is the most viewed on Twitch, even higher than Riot Games – one of the largest esprots in the world with the game League of […]

Where are you celebrating Tet?

Coming to the new year, we don’t know where our brothers are now? I saw someone returning home to play Tet with my family, someone who traveled in and out of the country to celebrate Tet, someone who visited friends and relatives, and had brothers and sisters, they took bears to see the dharma, count […]

App Instagram accidentally released a new feature, swipe left or tap to move the post (removed)

After the last 8 years Instagram has also changed the way users view posts, we now touch the right or swipe left to see but not the & quot; Scroll down & quot; Swipe from bottom up. Update : My Instagram has returned to its old usage (swipe from the top to surf the post) […]

35 famous artists left in 2018 and their life quotes

There were many artists, authors, writers and painters who left the tabernacle in 2018. At their time, they made us cry, make us laugh, and & quot; we help people see life in extremely new ways that have never been known. These artists also have famous and unforgettable sentences. Thinking, there is no better way […]

Research proves that children “end up believing” at Santa when he was 5 years old

A large, world-wide study of the University of Exeter has been trying to find the answer to the question, “When does a child run out of faith in Santa?” Also want to determine how the trust of children in adults will change when discovering the gift of “Santa” is actually bought and packaged by relatives […]