Bird Box became Netflix’s most successful retail film, 80 million accounts viewed within a month

Although he is a major player in film production, until the launch of Bird Box, Netflix was still very tight about the number of people watching its content. But everything changed after Bird Box’s resounding success, with 80 million accounts enjoyed within a month after it aired.      Bird Box is an adventure movie mixed […]

Aladdin 2019: The spirit lamp is played by Will Smith, no longer as green as it used to be

Our childhood is about to be returned to a completely new face: the movie Aladin and the god of the real-life version. Instead of animated films that have been associated with so many generations of childhood, the live action version of this famous movie will be remade with Disney’s new cast. One of the most […]

Aquaman became the third film to gross more than $ 1 billion of DC Comics

6 years from the movie The Dark Knight Rises released in 2012, so far DC Comics has only one more movie with a box office revenue of $ 1 billion, which is Aquaman, which opens December 21, 2018. As of January 13, the film grossed 1,020,261,781 worldwide, becoming the fastest-grossing $ 1 billion movie of […]

John Wick Trailer: Chapter 3 – Underworld under surveillance

Johnathan, what did you do? Now the whole underground world pursues him with a reward of $ 14 million, what will he do to escape, or is this part also the end of his career? Please watch the trailer part 3 – John Wick, the film is supposed to have the most body count ever […]

New movies coming out this weekend: Instant Family, YOLO, More Than Blue, Inner Ghost

Please check out the news of the new movies that will be screened this week, including Instant Family – The Real Adoption; YOLO – You Only Live 1 Time; Inner Ghost – Spooky; Homestay – Temporary Soul and More Than Blue. Information and trailers invite you to see below. Instant Family Vietnamese title: Child Raising […]

Universal’s outstanding films in 2019

After reviewing the outstanding titles of Paramount Pictures in 2019, invite the brothers to continue to explore Universal’s blockbuster, with at least 13 cult titles released this year, promising another 1 year win. big on revenue. 1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (06.02.2019) Right during the Lunar New Year in 2019, Vietnamese […]

[Cinema] List of winners of the 76th Golden Globe: Bohemian Rhapsody is the best movie

The prestigious film award Golden Globe (Golden Globes) for the 76th time announced the winning list. Accordingly, Bohemian Rhapsody has become the best movie, the best film director award of Afonso Cuaron with Roma, Christian Bale is honored as the best film actor and a series of another honorable name List of 2019 Golden Globe […]

Horror movie coming soon: THE DRONE (2019)

The film world has made quite famous photography-related horror movies like One Hour Photo or Shutter. And right now we have the trailer of The Drone movie, which is about a cognitive and bloodthirsty DJI drone that has become a serial killer. Through the trailer posted, the movie will probably be rated R – Restricted […]

New movies came out this weekend: Escape Room, Monster Jackpot, British Assistant and 7 Bodies

There were no prominent titles in theaters in the first week of 2019, only revolving around a few horror, criminal, and mythical films, including the film VN Assistants, mythical movies of Lam Dong Monster, criminal movies. 7 The Body and horror movie Escape Room. Please see the movie trailer and information below. Sister’s Assistant Genre: […]

Highlights of Paramount Pictures in 2019

The year 2018 ended very successfully with Paramount Pictures, with very popular movies like: A Quiet Place, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Overlord and especially the Bumblebee – the spinoff of the popular Transformers series. . Following the successes achieved, in 2019 Paramount studios continued to follow the orientation of 2018: reducing the number of films […]