Sales of Nintendo Switch gaming consoles are expected to plummet in 2019

After the first two successful years, sales of Nintendo Switch are expected to decrease by 25-35% in 2019. This marked the saturation of the market and prompted Nintendo to make changes to improve future sales. Previously, Nintendo ordered about 24 million Switches in 2018 with component suppliers, but sold less than 20 million units. Overall, […]

The Legend of Zelda “ice cream” game tape brings in $ 3,360 at the auction

Recently Heritage Auctions organized an auction of items related to ancient video games, with The Legend of Zelda’s tape being sold at a startling price: 3,360 USD, about 78 million VND. This tape was produced in 1992, and was never opened to install on the NES, the protective nylon cover was still intact and confirmed […]

Amazon and Verizon also unveiled plans for stream game services

According to The Information, Amazon is building an identical game streaming service like Microsoft’s Project xCloud or Google’s Project Stream. It is expected that the service will be launched in 2020 and Amazon is also in talks with major game publishers around the world to distribute games through their platform in the form of leasing, […]

# CES19: 3dRudder Foot Motion Controller – Toys that control virtual reality games with legs

After the toys for you who love gaming hardware PC, laptop, it is not until today at CES 2019 that new toys are available for console enthusiasts, more specifically the console named Foot Motion Controller of 3dRudder, designed for PS VR and other virtual reality glass platforms. You will use your legs on the device […]

Mad Box: The father of the game Project CARS makes the console itself, playing VR games at 120 FPS

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell recently revealed the company is developing Mad Box, a private console game, with hardware researched from A to Z to compete with the new PS5 and Xbox. Slightly Mad Studios for the fans of racing simulation games, Slightly Mad Studios is no stranger to works like Need For Speed: […]

Fortnite brought home $ 3 billion for developers in 2018

$ 3 billion is the interest that Fortnite has earned Epic Games in 2018, making it one of the highest-grossing games. Fortnite is a survival game like PUBG and appears on many platforms, attracting hundreds of millions of players such as PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac, iOS or Android. Fortnite appears on many platforms but […]

# TT18: What to expect in the 2019 game village: PS5, new Xbox, cloud gaming platforms

In 2018 there will be only a few days left, and it is probably time to talk about 2019. In terms of hardware, there is not much change in 2018 except the PC game village with the launch. of Nvidia’s generation of RTX graphics cards and the 9900K CPU at the end of the year, […]