Embr Wave – the world’s first wrist body thermostat

Embr Wave is a very new product developed by MIT scientists with the aim of adjusting our body temperature by using electricity to generate heat, depending on the needs of the user to be cool or warm. Simply understand that this is a wrist temperature regulator. To make this seem very difficult, scientists have used […]

Up to two-thirds of allergic people think that the cause is caused by food

According to a new study by Northwestern University, the United States says up to two-thirds of adults think they have food allergies, but they don’t actually. This falsifies a lot of things, from wrong prescription drugs, or people who have to give up food that they shouldn’t need to abstain from. According to the study, […]

FDA Commissioner: If e-cigarette use rates among young people do not decrease, it will be banned

Recently, Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner, the US Food and Drug Administration said, e-cigarettes are creating a threat yet there is no way to solve it. While products such as vape or pod mods have helped long-time addicts to quit old habits, it creates a new problem: young people addicted to nicotine from the products themselves. […]

IBM Research develops finger stick sensors to track Parkinson’s disease

A way to track progress in Parkinson’s disease has just been IBM Research, a division of IBM that often hears about professional-looking laptops or servers, introduced in Nature. They have developed a sensor that can be attached to an index finger capable of measuring finger movement so that it can be used to hold the […]

Verily Study Watch, smart watch with FDA Type 2 certification for ECG ECG measurement

The FDA has officially issued Class 2 (Class 2) certification for ECG ECG measurement on the Verily Study Watch smart watch. Thus, smartwatch of Verily becomes the third smart wearable device to meet ECG ECG measurement from FDA after Apple Watch Series 4 and the first device is the Apple Watch strap accessory integrated ECG […]

Smart-C, X-ray device has a compact and very portable design

A new X-ray device named Smart-C has just been introduced to the market by Turner Imaging System, providing great mobility for mobile clinics. This product is particularly suitable for those who need to use it quickly and neatly, as in natural disasters, it is impossible to take patients to a medical facility with an X-ray […]

WHO lists 10 major global health issues in 2019, Anti-vaccine is one of them

Along with the upcoming five-year action plan, the WHO also listed 10 most serious issues that can affect people’s lives around the world. There are a lot of things that are familiar, but there is one new thing that emerges that is the problem of eliminating vaccines, often called anti-vaccines, naturally … This shows the […]

Wheelie 7 wheelchairs use facial gesture recognition to control travel

The Brazilian company Hoobox Robotics is currently developing a wheelchair that is very different from the existing wheelchairs in the market. The product, called Wheelie 7, incorporates face detection technology, combined with Intel’s AI system to help users control the car back and forth with just the gestures on their faces. > This product is […]

The US National Institutes of Health allows Fitbit users to participate in the All of Us drug research project

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that citizens using Fitbit smart wearable devices will be able to register for the All of Us program organized by the government. Fitbit users will be given the option to link and sync their accounts to the NIH server and they will save all their personal health […]