# Tet19: In-ear models are under 1 million to listen to music on Tet

In-ear headphones are an indispensable accessory for many of you, including me. I always back up an in-ear with me because of its mobility and convenience. Although today the phone models are gradually discarding the 3.5mm port, I think there are still many other devices that still have this port like computers and laptops, so […]

At the beginning of the year, I went to pick a disc at Amoeba Music, Los Angeles

During this CES 2019 trip in Las Vegas, I stopped by Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd so the first was a tour, the second was as always: burning money on vinyl records with music called Vinyl. Amoeba Music is very popular, not only in the US but also in European countries, in part, its owner […]

2018: How is music in the form of a CD and download?

John Kunz, owner of Waterloo Records, shared: “After 30 years of using CDs, many customers now no longer like this format. Whether they are following vinyl craze or streaming music over the Internet, everyone wants to put a bunch of CDs aside. We have removed CD racks of nearly 7.5m high to make room for […]

# TT18: 12 The most impressive vinyl album cover of 2018

2018 can be said to be a very strong year of vinyl development, the strongest when compared to the previous years when vinyl just & quot; outbreak & quot ;. Along with the growing demand for vinyl as well as the volume of albums released on vinyl, the artists and graphic designers also have the […]

Listen to albums of ECM Records – legendary labels that can’t be missed with music lovers

There is an idiom that everyone knows: & quot; never evaluate a book when you just look at the cover & quot ;. This idiom is generally quite correct in most cases, but if you use it to describe ECM Records, you will immediately see something & quot; wrong & quot ;. ECM Records’ albums […]

# TT18: True wireless headphones, smart speakers to the throne. Vinyl returns spectacularly

The year 2018 is a year of dramatic changes in the audio industry, if 2017 is a stepping stone to many new technologies and trends, 2018 is the year that those trends shape clearly. definition. Let’s see the Audio Tinhte through some highlights in the past year. 1 /True wireless headphones grow strongly, Airpods still […]

The return of vinyl: successful or just a temporary trend?

2018 marked the spectacular return of vinyl. Just a few years ago, this type was seen as dead with piles of vinyl disks lined up in the warehouse, waiting for a day to be thrown into the landfill. Now suddenly they become precious when they are hunted by musicians and collectors. From & quot; stay […]