# Tet19: 7 simple, easy tips for new iPhone buyers

Near the end of the New Year, there are bonuses so many brothers upgrade their iPhones, or give someone or win an iPhone at the company’s annual party. This is the lesson for you, it will make it easier for you to use the machine and save time. 1. Open the closed tab in Safari […]

Apple Music: How to fix non-playable music errors on iOS devices and on Mac computers

After you synchronize iOS devices with iTunes or update the software, you will more or less be unable to play saved songs on Playlist on Apple Music, the song name will be blurred from black to gray, when clicked it will notify & quot; Item not a vailable & quot; (The song is currently unavailable), […]

Some are set up to make the iPad look like a laptop working as much as possible

For me iPad – Especially iPad Pro, no matter what time (2015; 2017; 2018) is a device not just for entertainment, with high performance, we can completely do basic work well with iPad Pro. I affirm that only at the basic level, we can replace Laptop in light, non-cumbersome jobs. But for those who work […]

5 ways to customize the desktop screen on iOS more fun and special

Using iOS devices unlike Android, I like the way Android allows users to choose multiple actions to customize the phone more beautiful, more eye-catching, more personalized. But for iOS device users who have long wanted to select multiple tasks to scratch iPhone, they must be jailbroken. I would like to share some very basic things […]

How to share Wi-Fi with Shortcuts ‘MyWiFis’ on iOS, can be shared for Android users

There are cases where our friends ask for Wi-Fi Password when coming home, to the office, to Coffee or anywhere we forget Password, or also Password Wi-Fi set too many characters or words complicated numbers, having to manually enter is also very time consuming. I share with you how to solve this problem and at […]

[Share] How to quickly fix mobile network connection error on iOS 12.1.2

Recently, iOS 12.1.2 version is being complained much about mobile network connection or 4G data loss of many people in the world, in Vietnam, I have not met any brothers who use iPhone with this situation. , my iPhone itself runs well IOS 12.1.2 update: Fix eSIM errors on iPhone XR, XS and XS Max […]