[Share] 7 iOS apps help you learn sign language to communicate with people with hearing impairments

I used to have a deaf and deaf friend, forcing us to communicate via Sign Language and I had to learn more videos on Youtube, now I can find 7 applications iOS helps us learn gesture languages ​​from basic to advanced wherever you are. In particular, these Apps support the language of the American Sign […]

Instructions for downloading videos on instagram by Siri shortcut

After the article sharing how to download Instagram photos with Siri Shortcuts, many of you asked me how to download videos so today I share a Shortcut with the name SMD 3.5.8. With this shortcut, you can easily save any favorite videos on photos, but don’t save videos on stories and promotional videos. First we […]

Use Siri Shortcut to download Instagram images extremely quickly

Those who join Instagram must have had a few times to worry about how to save a beautiful picture on this social network. Instagram currently only allows users to like or save on their collection. Today I will guide you to use Siri shortcut to download any photo on Instagram and save it directly into […]