# Tet19: Have you checked the camera maintenance?

In a humid environment, heavily polluted dust, cleaning the camera and video camera regularly after use is essential. In the upcoming Tet holiday, you will use a lot of machines to take photos of your family, travel or take photos for your friends and customers. Therefore, it is more necessary to check and clean your […]

The effect of laser lights on camera sensors and how to prevent them

Laser technology is increasingly used in presentations and performances, which is also the main cause of a series of camera sensors that died in one region or all over the past few years. If improperly used recording devices are used, these laser beams not only affect the device but can also harm the user’s eyes. […]

# Tet19 – What do you bring in your camera bag when taking photos?

& quot; If you do not bring it, you will be afraid of it. weary and weary, but sometimes not used to & quot ;. That is the situation of many brothers taking photos to share, about carrying anything for a trip. Myself, before, where to go is taking everything for sure; Now carry it […]

5 interesting facts about colors

In everyday life, people are always exposed to colors from all around. The power of color on people’s lives is indisputable. Why is the bowl of beautiful chopsticks with elegant colors helping to eat better, or does a colorful photo make people remember longer? And what color is ultimately for us? Exquisite Camera please summarize […]

Photos made the name of Elliott Erwitt – NAG Magnum Photos

Elliott Erwitt is a world famous documentary and advertising photographer from New York. He was born in Paris in 1928 and this year is 90 years old. During World War II, the Erwitt family moved to the United States and it was there that he chose to become a professional photographer. Elliott began being a […]

How to use a tripod for the most effective? Please share your experiences.

Tripod (Tripod) is an indispensable device in the landscape image category. For professional NAGs, tripod is an object that is not separate from them during trips to photograph whether heavy, cumbersome or entangled. With tripod, they confidently take photos in difficult weather conditions but wind, rain, lack of light or in unfavorable environments to hold […]