Share common types of jacks that are common when playing speakers

Speaker cable for listening to music at & quot; serious & quot; always something that has always caused intense controversy in domestic and foreign forums, you discuss, reflect on each other from material to wire, insulator, connect head …. These things are very tired, because they still argued for decades. Like myself, I can use […]

Things to know when listening to music via USB-C connection

Accompanying a lot of smartphones from 2018 to remove the 3.5mm jack, the headsets using USB-C jack also came out in the hope of replacing the sound connection of “rice”. this. If you don’t feel ready to venture into the world of wireless headsets, listening to music directly over a USB-C connection will be the […]

Roon – The conductor is talented for the sound system

Music software plays a key role in the process of its exhibition. So it’s not bad, holding an iPad or iPhone to browse music to control the music server, I want to see the artwork of the beautiful cover album, when listening to me if I want to listen to other works with the artist […]

Precautions before buying a true wireless headset. How to clean and preserve

In the previous post, I wrote about some of the problems in the true wireless headset, today I will share a problem that I personally care about when choosing a true wireless headset. I did a small survey and found that the sound quality is something that you care about first, but for me personally, […]

[Basic] What is a true wireless headset? how it works and pros and cons

If you know that Apple has sold about 28tr of airpods in 2018 and is expected to get 50 million units sold next year, then it is true that true wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. how. Launched in 2016 with the iPhone 7 without a 3.5 jack, Apple has hit hard on […]