MacBook Pro Touch Bar may be faulty because the cable is easy to break, easy to wear

iFixit found that the MacBook Pro 2016 onwards may have a bug that lights up from the bottom of the screen. This comes from the ribbon cable that connects the monitor to the motherboard underneath the Touch Bar, which wraps through the hinge and is fixed by a pair of underlying springs. This design prevents […]

T2 Apple chip from an enterprise perspective: more than a blood sucking game, that is shaping the security trend

You still remember at the time of launching iMac Pro (12/2017), 2018 Macbook Pro (07/2018) or Macbook Air Retina (11/2018), Apple introduced security chip T2 – pride of the team Tim Cook on a microprocessor responsible for ensuring information security right on the device. However, similarly many decisions & quot; violence & quot; and no […]

# TT18: macOS in the past year has what?

Maybe we think that macOS will only occasionally upgrade once and there won’t be as many updates and bug fixes as on iOS for the iPhone, and users are only interested in updating iOS more than MacOS. But in fact macOS is also regularly updated and corrected to give users a better experience. Mac computer […]

Should I buy MacBook or Mac Mini?

This is a question I received a lot after posting Review Mac Mini 2018 . In fact, it makes sense to ask that, because Mac Mini is currently the cheapest way you can experience the real macOS and get a stable computer configuration solution for many needs from the office to media. But the MacBook […]