Test eSIM (Vinaphone) with international iPhone Xs Max

Testing Vinaphone eSIM shows that registering a SIM card is simpler and faster than using a traditional sim quite a lot. In terms of network speed, voice and text quality is very smooth, not lost. eSIM also brings a lot of other values ​​not only good for users, for phone carriers, operators and also for […]

Thanks to eSIM, we can store more than 3 SIMs on an iPhone

So you see the test of eSIM on the network in Vietnam. During the past experience, I found that iPhone XS Max /XS /Xr can store more than 3 SIMs. For those of you who use multiple SIMs for different purposes, storing multiple eSIMs on your phone will bring a very noticeable convenience.      Here […]

Viettel Voice Over LTE trial: connect faster, sound and bigger

Experience fast data-based fast conversation (Voice Over LTE) shows many significant benefits. Most impressive is the ability to quickly connect almost twice what is happening on 2G platform. Next is the sound you hear will have higher resolution as well as larger volume. This will give us a more complete, informative voice voice experience so […]