On the 3/4 helmet 2 glasses AGV Orbyt Dreamtime – the closeness of the fullface, is 4.8 million

Today I will hand the AGV 3/4 2-glass hat called Orbyt in my hand. This is a new model of AGV in 2018 replacing the previous Fluid model. The hat I use on my hand is called Orbyt Dreamtime, this is one of the special colored versions of the Orbyt line so don’t ask why […]

# MotoGP19 – Ducati launches Desmosedici GP19, more than 250 horsepower and weighs only 157 kg

To prepare for the MotoGP 2019, Ducati Team officially introduced its new steed. The Ducati Desmosedici GP19 not only has a new look that looks more sporty but also promises better competition in the 2019 season. Besides launching a new model, Ducati Team also introduces new teammate of Andrea Dovizioso. is Danilo Petrucci. At the […]

# TTBC18: Honda and Yamaha motorcycles are overwhelming, high-powered cars are more popular

With more than 14,000 visitors, the category of Tinh Binh Chua 2018 has found the most loved car models of the past year. The top 3 motorbike categories include 1 Honda representative and 2 names from Yamaha. In addition, these two brands of Japanese motorcycles also together constitute an overwhelming vote in each category. Meanwhile, […]

# Tet19: Instructions for cleaning and deodorizing helmet

Washing a helmet is always a topic that is of great interest to you, because it is an item we have to use every day. In Vietnam is a hot and humid tropical environment, the helmet is always sticky with sweat and easily produces bacteria and mold. There are many people who use helmets for […]

BMW Motorrad has continuously grown in the last 8 years, the target for 2020 is to sell 200,000 units

The 2018 financial report showed that the growth of BMW Motorrad in the past year has increased relatively modestly – 0.9% (sales reached 165,566 units) but this is really a memorable milestone because within 8 years over, the business situation of German motorbike companies continues to grow. In the US market, sales of BMW Motorrad […]

# Tet19: Items to check before taking the car away

Long trips are always potential risks and unexpected problems. To eliminate these things, the best way is to always be well prepared. The car is a companion and if the car is not well prepared, it is obvious that it is a reaction. I will share with you a few experiences of checking the car […]

Pega launched NewTech electric scooters for 25 million, features, lead batteries and Bosch engines

Pega has officially introduced a brand new electric scooter named NewTech with a youthful style and personality. Not only that, the car also possesses many features that are rare on electric cars and motorcycles of the same price range. In addition, NewTech is capable of operating according to the manufacturer’s announcement quite impressively: maximum speed […]

Honda introduced Blade 110cc version 2019: design new stamps and watches, adding colors

Honda Blade 110 was officially introduced to Vietnamese customers in October 2014. In order to bring more novelty, Honda introduced Blade 110 2019 with many significant changes. In it: the stamp design is completely changed, adding green color on the Standard version and the watch face is also refreshed. Honda Blade 110 price in Sports […]

Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid 2019 set a 72-hour continuous run and nearly 1,500 kilometers around Saigon

Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid has just established 2 Vietnamese records, including: Scooters running for the longest time without a break and Scooters running the farthest without stopping. Two versions of Yamaha Grande Hybrid 2019 have been running continuously for 72 hours with a distance of 1,459 km on the streets of Saigon. This is […]