Hybrid guitar Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster: when acoustic and electric made one

Acoustasonic Telecaster (costing around $ 2,000) is a guitar developed by Fender with the idea of ​​bringing acoustic sound into an acoustic guitar. It sounds simple but the research process of experts has been going on for up to 3 years to turn the theories on paper into reality. Acoustic guitars always possess a unique […]

Spotify tests artist blocking features that you don’t like

Spotify recently tested the “don´t play this artist” feature for some accounts in the US and Canada. This feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms to help users quickly block which artists they don’t like. Once blocked, all of the artist’s songs are in the library, playlist, chartlist and even Spotify radio will […]

Teenager Engineering introduces 3 new multipurpose modules for audio, DJs

Teenage Engineering, a sound brand from Sweden, recently unveiled new models of self-assembled multipurpose modules named 16, 170 and 400 for lovers of its Pocket Operator line of devices. /> These modules are all affordable and are aimed at new users of Pocket Operator, according to Teenage Engineering’s goal to create a price module that […]

Nahimic – 3D audio application for Mac users

Nahimic – a software company that provides 3D audio solutions on PC – will bring its application to CES 2019 on macOS platform. Previously, Nahimic’s application primarily served gamers on PC. But now Mac users can use it to watch movies and listen to music with this latest version. Nahimic supports sound reproduction for headphones […]

Spotify tests Car View – a feature that controls music while driving

Spotify is testing the Car View mode to make it easier for users to control this music player while their hands are still in control. This feature will automatically connect when the Spotify application detects the car’s Bluetooth connection without having to change the mode manually. Car View simply enlarges the name of the song […]

Dolby is testing the application to help eliminate noise and fine tune the recording

Dolby recently unveiled a new application with the codename & quot; 234 & quot ;. This is an application that helps users to limit noise, as well as add some effects such as “Amped,” “Thump,” and “Bright,” when recording. Recordings from this application can be shared quickly on Doldy or Soundcloud’s own social network directly. […]

Blue Ember microphone with XLR connection for brothers like Livestream, priced at $ 99.99

Bluedesign (formerly Blue Microphones) – Logitech’s company recently introduced its latest product called Blue Ember. Products are directed to general users such as Youtuber or streamer, however, they are equipped with XLR connectivity as products for professionals. Ember currently has a pre-order for $ 99.99 and is expected to ship in February.   XLR connection […]

Soul Blade headphones true wireless integrated virtual coaches support workout

Soul Eletronics has continued to introduce those who love running their latest true wireless headset – Soul Blade. The product inheriting the attractive features of the Run Free Pro Bio headset was released earlier in October last year. At the same time Soul also integrated into this headset to become a real-time virtual trainer to […]

Spotify will launch a car music player this year, costing about $ 100

Financial Times recently confirmed that Spotify will soon launch a car-based music player later this year with an estimated price of $ 100. The device will be able to control voice, shortcuts for quick access to the user’s playlist. See more: Spotify tests Car View – music control feature while driving The device will be […]

# Tet19: the indispensable headphones for Sony fans this Tet

Sony can say is the most popular audio brand in Vietnam. No wonder because the company has a lot of products from headphones, music players, portable speakers to the player, movie systems and so on. Because of the rich diversity, so when you want to buy a Sony product, you easily get into a matrix […]