# Tet19: How many articles did you post in Mau Tuat year, discussing with how many people?

In preparation for the happy end of the year, we have made a feature for you to review in the last Year of the Dog, how you interacted with Subtlety. Just go to Tinhte.vn/2018review , you will see the data Interesting synthesis. The number of readings has just started tracking recently so it will be […]

Launching the # Tet19 season, invite you to consult useful content on Tet

From today on, it will begin to have many articles related to Tet theme and some activities for our brothers and sisters to exchange and exchange with each other about Tet. You will see articles with hashtag # Tet19 appears more and more, there is also a page tinhte.vn/tet19 to synthesize everything you need to […]

Keep track of what’s hot on Delicate easily

The Team Data of Delicate has just completed the function of finding topics, content that people talk about on Tinhte.vn and displaying it on the homepage so that you can follow more easily the hot things that are being considered by techies. center. You just need to go to the homepage, scroll down a bit […]

Congratulations to khunnic who won AirPods for the launch of the Delicate app

Congratulations @khunnic is the AirPods headset winner App launches Delicate. Comment is written from the Android app at 12/5/2018 23:46:00. Congratulations on winning the prize, remember to check the message above Subtly in a few days so we can contact you for a prize. At the same time, I also thank you all for downloading […]