# TTBC18: Audio category results, Sony won the most favorite brand.

Such a TTBC season has passed with many surprises in the terms. Nowadays, there are many items and the brothers participated in the vote of enthusiasm. In the audio category, I was surprised because the results in some categories were completely different from what I thought. Let’s take a look at the results of the […]

Tinhte.vn/audio: invite brothers to ask questions, support other friends about buying headphones, speakers, staging machines

Sophisticated has a page for you to buy audio equipment, such as speakers, headsets, music discs that can be … Tinhte.vn/audio . In the near future we will open a separate page like the Refinement Car so that you will have a place to watch things about audio, not to be confused with other places, […]

Free 2 Bluetooth speakers UE Wonderboom for Christmas

After the post reviewing the UE Wonderboom speaker , I found many brothers excited about this beautiful small speaker. On the occasion of Christmas, I will give you 2 speakers that I use in the review. Participants just need to comment on the posts you like and dislike in this UE Wonderboom speaker. I will […]