Boeing’s self-propelled taxi has just completed its first test flight

Boeing airline said the prototype of the self-propelled drone taxi they developed has just completed the first test flight, a new step to help the competition to revolutionize the vehicle. The move for urban areas is becoming increasingly fierce. In this race, Boeing’s direct competitor included Airbus and Textron based in the US. In addition, […]

Experience Business class flights of Bamboo Airways

I just & quot; abdomen & quot; Experience the business class of Bamboo Airways at a price of 4tr5 for Saigon – Hanoi flight. By the way, please share with us some images and practical experiences, useful hope for everyone, but myself and the “thousand years 1 year old”. New to this ticket. Overall experience, […]

The Boeing 777X will use the GE9X engine – larger than the body of the Boeing 737

Not only will the super-wingspan, the foldable wingtip, the Boeing 777X be equipped with two GE9X engines – the jet engine line for General Electric’s largest commercial transport aircraft. Images of this engine were posted by GE Aviation, which was installed on the 777X prototype currently being built at the factory in Everett, Washington. It […]

Ho Chi Minh City has 11 stores that self-refuel, do not use cash, have you tried?

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are a total of 11 petrol stores of Petrolimex officially applying gasoline retail automation model from January 15. You will pump yourself, then use Petrolimex’s domestic ATM card or petrol card to pay the money. Although it is said to be a self-service area for cars, but I still […]

# Tet19: Have you purchased train tickets, car tickets, and flight tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? What service do you use?

Did you start buying air tickets, trains, and tickets to return home to celebrate Tet? Invite people to share ticket booking services /webpages that people use for reference. I’ll start first: + Flight tickets: I most often use Traveloka, I like Traveloka because they are usually cheaper or more than book directly on the airline’s […]

Bamboo Airways – Tre Viet Airlines officially opened ticketing, the first flight departed January 16

Airlines Bamboo Airways – Vietnamese Bamboo of the corporation FLC has officially opened ticketing at 12 noon today 12/1/2019 and will have the first flight on January 16 . (a few months late < originally scheduled for September ). Is there any brother who has booked a ticket yet? It looks like the system is […]

# CES19: 5 ideas that can revolutionize the design of wheelchairs in the future

Mobility Unlimited Challenge is a contest sponsored by the Toyota Mobility Foundation and organized immediately at the CES 2019 Consumer Electronics Show to find the most useful designs with the ability to help paralyzed people have a normal life. The criteria of the jury from Toyota is that the products must be friendly with the […]

# CES19 – “On hand” Bell Nexus flying taxi: carrying 5 people, electric hybrid engine, sold in 2020

Bell Nexus is the idea of ​​a future flying taxi brought by the famous helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopter to display at the ongoing CES 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in the US. Equipped with 6 large propellers, the vehicle looks like a giant drone that can store and land vertically from anywhere. When it has reached […]