Petkix on hand: tracking device, playing with cats and dogs from afar

Petkix has cameras, microphones, infrared sensors, laser lights and has grain throwing holes for dogs and cats at home. This is a good idea for cats and dogs to stay at home but must go to school far away or work all day and cannot take care of or play with pets in the house. […]

# Tet19: Top 7 compact and cheap IP wifi cameras

The traditional Tet is coming to us, during the holiday season, you often travel long days or go home to celebrate with your family. However, when traveling for so many days, the supervision of your home, shop, or office will not have a custodian to protect your property, or a warning of fire caused by […]

# Tet19: Top 11 mobile Wi-Fi 4G transmitters worth buying in 2019

We only have about 16 days left to prepare for the traditional Tet, around this time you have started to prepare for Tet such as buying furniture, preparing to book a place to reunite with your family. or travel. But you also need to constantly update news or battle games during your free time in […]

# Tet19: On hand backpack Fjällräven Räven 28L, hold lots of things, feel good to wear

Tet is coming, I also need to buy a new bag to carry around every day, my needs just want a backpack with good feeling, no shoulder strain, as well as a lot of technology equipment. I found Fjallraven, a famous fashion brand in Sweden and decided to buy this Raven 28L backpack model, after […]

The Bluetooth chip does not use batteries, taking energy from air waves to operate

Not only is the size and thickness the size of a stamp, the wifi chip developed by Wilson is also special in that it does not use the battery to operate but instead, it will “suck” the energy from the radio frequency. In the surrounding environment, such as Wifi waves, Bluetooth and even mobile waves […]

Experience the interactive lighting area JP World: sparkling, interesting, easy to live virtual, suitable for many ages

Unique lighting effects, monumental, attractive and sparkling interactivity in many colors, suitable for both young children, teenagers and couples taking virtual live pictures. That’s what I experienced after the tour of the high-tech interactive entertainment area JP World at Gigamall just opened in Thu Duc, HCMC. HCM.      A little bit for you to forget, […]

# Tet19: On hand Xiaomi bag Simple 90 unisex design, compact, waterproof, anti-robbery: price 350 thousand

This is a versatile crossover Xiaomi Simple 90 Minute Gen 3 version with spacious storage space, multiple compartments, lightweight materials, waterproof and unisex design fashion cost 350 thousand will be an impossible choice Ignore for you. Simple 90 Minute crossover bag: Perhaps many brothers who use cross-bags of Xiaomi brand also know about the previous […]

# Tet19: Top 10 backup batteries worth buying during Tet Holiday

Backup battery is one of the most essential and important accessories for current Smatphone. Whether medium or high-end mobile devices, which are equipped inside a battery pack of sufficient or high capacity, they cannot meet the needs of today’s brothers. And you are ready to celebrate the traditional Tet holiday, go home with your family […]

# CES19: Google Assistant Connect: solution that integrates virtual assistants for smart home devices

Contributing at this year’s CES exhibition, Google officially introduced Google Assistant Connect, a new solution for all home appliances manufacturers who want to equip virtual products for their products. With Google Assistant Connect, Google Assistant integration process will be & quot; easy to breathe & quot; more, the manufacturer will be able to personalize Google […]

# CES19: OtterBox incorporates PopSockets to introduce unique iPhone backs that cost from $ 60

OtterBox – a technology accessory maker that recently combined with PopSockets to introduce unique Otter + Pop backs for for iPhone at CES 2019. If you forget, PopSockets is a & quot; hot & quot; For smartphones, there is a small round shape and attached to the back of the phone, it can be stretched […]