Camera Subtle: Video & images of year-end exchanges, workshops of Mr. Hafoto

Year-end meeting of the camera community The subtle community ended in a warm and happy atmosphere at the exquisite Cafe. The exchange has the contribution of Admin and Mod Camera, friends and community members with open sharing and exchange to develop the forum in a more useful way. Besides, Mr. Ha Foto’s participation and sharing […]

# Tet19: Invite each other to take Sa Dec Flower Village – Co Huynh Huynh Thuy House – Tangerine Garden – Friday 01/25

Invite brothers and sisters to register for the year-end offline photo shoot in Dong Thap. This is the time when the Sa Dec flower village is the most poised to prepare for the train to Saigon for Tet holiday. On the way, we will visit the Huynh Thuy Le house to listen to the story […]

[Crystal Camera] Year-end meeting & Attend Hafoto Workshop “Retouching photo tips online”

Camera Tinhte would like to invite you to join the meeting at the end of the year and join Hafoto’s Workshop with the theme: Procedure to retouch photos to upload on websites. This is the Offline /Workshop at the end of the lunar year of Lunar New Year preparing for Camera Tinhte. We will have […]

Results [Game] Review photos taken with Galaxy A9 with 4 Camera, hit JBL Charge 3 speaker …

Photo comments are also known as photo albums that require many skills, from the previous stages such as viewing photos, reading photos, using written language to interpret emotions from images so that viewers, readers can better understand the picture. or it is the feeling of the photo editor. Although the contest is quite fun and […]

[Game] Review photos taken with Galaxy A9 with 4 Camera, hit JBL Charge 3 speaker …

Along with the introduction of specializing in Samsung Galaxy pages on, invite you to join a small contest that Or, like Galaxy A9 camera, there are 4 rear cameras, that is: Comment photos taken with Galaxy A9. Delicate photos already available for you to choose, you just need to select a photo and comment […]

Summary of Exquisite Camera Phototrip Galaxy Note 9 in Long Hai

In the dawn of the last Saturday of 2018, Camera Tinh coordinated with Samsung to organize a successful Phototrip Galaxy Note 9 at Long Hai Fishing Port. This is a photo shoot for the participants who have passed the online photo contest & quot; Living and Life & quot; on the forum. In addition to […]

Photo contest results Phototrip Galaxy Note 9 in Long Hai 29/12/2018

This is the result of the quick photo contest Phototrip Galaxy Note 9 in Long Hai this morning, December 29, 2018. In total we have all 50 photos of 17 participants. The attendees made their ideas in a very urgent time with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 phone starting at 4am until 7:30 am at Long […]

[Summary] – Photos and Videos – Crystal Camera Workshop Photo Essay: Nha Trang Night – OPPOR17Pro

Following the Workshop Photo Essay sessions at HANOI and SAI GON organized by Delicate Camera with the sponsorship of OPPO, the 3rd Workshop with the theme of NHA TRANG NIGHT COLOR has closed with the end more than the expectations of the organizers and the participants. Notice sign up to participate in the workshop in […]

[Result] _ Exquisite Camera Workshop Photo Essay – Nha Trang Night – OPPOR17Pro

The 3rd Workshop Photo Essay in Nha Trang was successful. A total of 30 sets of 30 members divided equally in 5 groups. You made your idea during the Nha Trang Night with the OPPO R17 Pro phone under the guidance of the Isntructors. These photos show a view of life, activities, entertainment about a […]