# Tet19: Sa Dec flower village on Tet holiday

In recent years, the name “Sa Dec flower village” is no longer strange to you. I stopped here for the third time, still feeling like it. I like the part because of the freshness and the typical setting, the rest mainly comes from the people here. I feel familiar every time I come here. I […]

Female portrait portraiture with Google Pixel 3XL

In the last few years, camera technology on smartphones has made very strong developments, making the space between high-end cameras and phones increasingly fast. than. Today with its many advantages such as compact size, ease of operation, the camera phone is gradually replacing the habit and demand for popular photography of users with more specialized […]

Photo set: Experience tranquility meditation in the mountains, taken with Minox 35GT

About two years ago, like anyone in this life, I had a period of really slumped and besieged by a lot of pressure. Quite impotent in finding solutions, I decided to go to the mountain to attend a short-term short-term meditation course of life and technological equipment, including a phone that always carries people. But […]

At the end of the year, I stepped in Da Lat. Where are you going? Please share it.

Accidentally having a job in Da Lat on the last day of 2018, I had to live in the crowds of & quot; humanity & quot; on every road, street corner when going out. People are so tight that circulation is really difficult. If there is a need to take a taxi or grab you […]

[Oppo R17 Pro] Photo “A water puppet show in Hoi An” – Shot by Phong Nguyen

The water puppet dance was introduced to Hoi An not long ago to preserve and develop traditional art items, regardless of origin and region. Hoi An water puppet show began to be established and performed in October 2015, with artists from the Cultural Center & amp; Sports in Hoi An city, people at the same […]

Show off your Christmas photos

So after two peak days of the Christmas season, you must have had many beautiful photos of the best season this year so I invite you to show off your photos in this topic for everyone else to admire. Photos do not distinguish what shooting machine, regardless of the object in the picture is what […]

Nha Trang 24 hours via photos – Capture by Chencocot with Oppo R17 Pro

Nha Trang is a famous tourist city, maybe you have come here several times or have seen images of a beautiful coastal city on the mass media. However, finding out about this city takes a lot of time and effort, especially in places you have never known or when you have few occasions to go […]