China admits it still does not know how to use new generation weapons developed by itself

Although it claims to have developed a lot of high-tech military hardware, including new generation fighters, electromagnetic guns, … but it turns out that the Chinese military, including their military doctrine, has not yet able to use these weapons. Even an elite brigade with the latest advanced weapons but still lost in a battle exercise, […]

Learn the “fake death” phenomenon in the animal world

The phenomenon of death and death is quite common in the animal world. You can see typical of the Oposum weasel, when attacked by a brutal predator and no way to escape, they will roll themselves unmoving, stick their tongue, drool and deflect the extremely rotten solution from anal. These disgusting things make the attacker […]

China claims to study creating two genetically modified babies that are illegal

At the end of November 2018, scientist He Jiankui of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen announced the controversial work: He and his colleagues created two newborn babies immune to HIV thanks to CRISPR system, interfering with CCR5 gene right on the fetus. This work has caused the world community to stir […]

Why is there an atomic submarine without an atomic plane?

The US Navy recently submitted a plan to ask the US Congress for $ 139 billion to upgrade their nuclear submarine fleet. Unlike submarines that run conventional fuels, have to float to the surface frequently to refuel, nuclear submarines can operate for several consecutive decades at high speeds under the sea. According to design drawings […]

Learn Tourbillon design, techniques to make the most luxurious mechanical watches in the world

Every time you see a luxury mechanical watch with the price of the ‘touch’ of supercars, mansions, you’ll often hear someone in the comment section mention the name Tourbillon. Indeed, one of the seemingly simple designs is the most ancient legacy of watchmakers in the horology world – the world of mechanical watchmaking and in […]

Share the power cord tip, cable through any pipe hole …

I want to share with you how to wire, cable through any tube hole in the simplest way. Brothers often do projects, go to wire cables, network cables when having problems with wires, cables that at the urgent time do not think of ways to handle and prepare will take time for you. Today I […]

Racism, who discovered double helix DNA was stripped of all titles at the age of 90

Respected by the world, James Watson, a prestigious Nobel laureate by discovering the double helix structure of the DNA sequence from the 1950s, is suddenly expelled from the laboratory. age beyond 90 just because of a racist comment. In a talk in the documentary entitled “American Masters: Decoding Watson” aired on January 2, James Watson […]

Chinese seedlings on the Moon are dead

A few days after the announcement of a cotton plant sprouting in the laboratory on the Hang Nga 4 ship that had just been landed on the Moon a long time ago, today, Chinese scientists said it could This germ has died due to the inability to withstand extreme temperature conditions. The last event is […]

The frightening truth for those who are afraid of RIGHT – why not kill all?

When referring to cockroaches, many people seem to hate them and consider cockroaches to be “enemies of the common air”. Part of the cockroach looks disgusting, half of them are extremely smelly, like to crawl around the house, climb up the food, stay in the closet … … and a frightening fact for those who […]

The “first” in smartphone history

Nowadays, when holding a phone, whether it is a high-class or a middle or high-class phone, it still has some thin and light features, including camera, fingerprint sensor, 3G, 4G, water-proof, … All is almost a the standard is too normal. However, all of them did not come to the phone at the same time, […]