H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black: “Counterfeit” Apple Watch, no needle, cost 8 billion

Looking at the cover picture, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions, so I’ll answer it. No, this is not a high-end version of the Apple Watch platinum case. No, I didn’t deliberately use Apple Watch to pull you into reading. This toy is indeed the result of H. Moser & amp; Cie parodies […]

Google acquired part of Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $ 40 million

Smart device maker The Fossil Group and Google have announced they will make a transaction worth $ 40 million to bring some smartwatch technology and engineers from Fossil’s product research and development department to Google team. . Greg McKelvey, Chief Strategy Officer of Fossil Company, is confident that the partnership agreement will bring a smartwatch […]

Apple is developing a new strap for Apple Watch, changing the color to match the dress?

Apple is working on a new patent on the Apple Watch, which is expected to be released with Apple Watch Series 5, which in particular can change color to match the wearer’s wear and context. Only a few steps to select colors at the iPhone Watch app. The patent describes a strap made of fabric […]

See the most impressive mechanical watches that have just been introduced at SIHH 2019

CES 2019 ended, but immediately two other events that I was interested in took place. One is the Detroit Auto Show, which takes place in 2 weeks from January 14 to 27 in the US. The second event is called SIHH 2019, short for Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie – International watch exhibition held […]

Michael Kors launched Sofie Pavé 2.0, adding heart rate sensors, GPS and NFC

Michael Kors has recently released their 2nd generation Sofie Pavé. In essence, Sofie Pavé 2.0 is located in Fossil’s upgrade roadmap for all Fossil’s smart watch companies, so these upgrades will be very familiar and similar. Sofie Pavé 2.0 does not change much in appearance. The most notable change is that Sofie Pavé has 2 […]

Ressence Type 2 hybrid smartwatch, e-Crown electronic gears, 2 time zones, solar batteries, $ 48,800 price

Watch firm Ressence has just announced its latest product, the Ressence Type 2 hybrid smartwatch, with a unique dial face. Ressence is equipped with an exclusive e-Crown electronic gear system that allows you to link to smartphones to save as well as to switch between time zones. The device has a 36-hour battery life, manually […]

Motiv Ring updates the software, allows authentication of online transactions and accounts with ECG

Attending this year’s CES event, Motiv startup introduced a new software version of Motiv Ring smart ring product. At this upgrade, Motiv Ring will be equipped with a new heart rate analysis algorithm to allow users to authenticate online transactions and accounts with ECG ECG. Motiv believes that each person’s heart rate has very different […]

Evaluate Samsung Gear S2 after more than 3 years of use

Samsung Gear S2 is the smart watch I’ve bought and used since 2015 and has been on the market for over 3 years. And on the technology and sophistication forums, there were detailed hands-on reviews when this watch was released. Today I will only summarize the highlights of Samsung Gear S2 watch after more than […]

# CES19 – PowerWatch 2: smartwatch does not need battery charging, heart rate measurement, GPS, costs $ 499

The MatrixWatch 2 is upgraded quite a lot compared to the previous generation, specifically located in a 1.2-inch color screen instead of a black-and-white screen, supporting charging with energy taken from body heat and sunlight, Additional GPS and tracking the movement of the wearer. With the above-mentioned equipment, you can see that the PowerWatch 2 […]

# CES19: Doppel, vibrating lump helps users reduce stress and increase concentration

In fact, Doppel has been successfully researched and funded on KickStarter in 2015. The first batches have been delivered to users in 2018 recently. To CES 2019, the company introduced it widely to global users. The name of the product is also the name of the company, so I will call the company and Doppel […]