# Tet19: Instructions for choosing Sony Soundbar to suit your need for Tet

Tet is about to come back to every house, surely Ae on Refinement also wonders to upgrade the sound system for their home TV. As many previous articles on Tinhte mentioned, Soundbar is currently one of the solutions selected by many, but Soundbar is becoming more diverse in types and features and Sony is one […]

Portable stereo Defunc Duo speaker, when stereo goes everywhere

Defunc is a young brand from Sweden. Founded in 2015, Defunc (design + function) with the criteria to create products with beautiful design and many features and reasonable prices have been increasingly known. Today I have a chance to have a pretty good speaker from that company, Defunc Duo – a complete set of wireless […]

# CES19: Nagra introduces decoding of HD X DAC and Naga VII Edition recorder

Nagra attended CES 2019 with digital-to-analog converter DAC HD X device that the company has been incubating for many years instead of the old HD DAC. In fact, HD DAC X was released last year at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, but it’s just a sample product.   According to Nagra, HD DAC X brought this […]

# CES19: Cronus Magnum III – Rogue Audio’s high-powered integrated light amplifier

Cronus Magnum is considered one of Rogue Audio’s greatest successes, I am still using Cronus Magnum II to listen to music every day and really appreciate it. Bring to CES 2019, Mark O’Brien presents the 3rd generation of this integrated amplifier for $ 3000.        Cronus Magnum III is refreshed with integrated phono preamplifier […]

# CES19: Sony GTK-PG10: unique design with a beer stand, priced at $ 250

Sony GTK-PG10 is the latest speaker Sony has just introduced at CES 2019. The product has a unique design that can be given a bottle or beer, suitable for outdoor parties and indoors. Sony also equips its products with a digital signal processor (DSP) that automatically calibrates the sound to match the usage space. See […]

# CES19: On LG SL9YG – soundbar 4.1.2 Dolby Atmos / DTS: X, listening to music is not too good, watching good movies

LG SL9YG is a 4.1.2 500W soundbar of LG just launched at CES 2019 this term. Cooperating with Meridian, it means that SL9YG will stream MQA quality music, inheriting DSP Bass & amp; Space, Image Elevation Meridian Upmix is ​​dedicated to upgrading stereo music into stereoscopic audio, 24bit /192kHz decoding quality, supporting Dolby Atmos and […]

# CES19: Kanto TUK – compact wireless active speaker with full play features

At CES 2019, Kanto launched TUK – the latest active speaker model (with the built-in amplifier inside the speaker). TUK has aptX HD Bluetooth, phonostage input, analog and digital with high quality USB DAC circuit. In general, there are enough dishes to play, and buy : D Kanto has a young age, it was born […]

# CES19: Audioengine 512 on hand – its first compact portable speaker

Audioengine this year to CES 2019 does not bring active, passive speakers anymore, the listening room is mainly displayed some old models like A5 +, HD3, HD6. This latest Audioengine is a portable 512 speaker.      Speaker configuration includes 2 full-range front speakers and a passive vibrating diaphragm to support deep bass downward. At the […]

# CES19: Sony launches a new series of products from the ExtraBass series, IP67 waterproof

Besides GTK-PG10, Sony has also recently launched a new series of products from its ExtraBass Series, including: XB12, XB22, XB32 and XB72. New products with a more youthful change design, especially all are equipped with IP67 water resistance. New models will be sold officially by Sony this spring. See more: Sony GTK-PG10: indispensable speakers for […]

# CES19: Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar in hand – Easy to use, impressive sound quality for $ 2500

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Sennheiser introduced at CES 2019 this year was the first shot to market the hi-end soundbar for $ 2500 and will officially be sold in May 2019. Soundbar speaker has 5.1.4 audio setup (with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X) with 2 ceiling speakers and 2 side speakers, a total of 13 internal […]