# TTBC18: Announcing the result of drawing special prizes, final prizes and 8 category prizes

Please inform us that this is the result that we are most looking forward to in the last TTBC18 event. We have 8 category awards – playlist 1 lucky prize includes 1 Apple AirPods and 1 Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch with a total value of 10,180,000 VND 1 special prize is an iPhone XS Max […]

TTBC18: Cuhiep is the most popular Mod in 2018 with 13.819 votes, Duy Luan 12,733 votes

On the last day of the Choice 2018, cuhiep had a spectacular turnaround and won the most popular Mod title in 2018 with 13,819 votes. This year Duy Luan had an impressive opening performance when he took first place in Group A for 11 consecutive days with a safe distance of nearly 1000 votes. However, […]

# TTBC18: cuhiep just overcame Duy Luan to lead the list of favorite Mods, only 100 votes apart

As of 12:00 PM today, 12/01/2019, @ cuhiep passed @Duy Luan In the poll of Favorite 2018. The votes of the 2 candidates leading the list are very close, just 100 votes. In addition, the list today also has an unexpected change when @ Didu from 7th place to rank 4th after @ zyzy1908 . […]

# TTBC18: There are 5 more days to finish Tinh Binh Choose 2018, have you voted yet?

Only 5 days to be left to Vote Vote 2018 ended, who will be the owner of the iPhone XS Max phone this year? If you have not participated yet, please quickly vote to have the opportunity to participate in lots and lots of Tet gifts. Join at Exquisite Review 2018 — Tinhte.vn/ttbc18 Peaceful Choice […]

# TTBC18: Duy Luan is leading – Have you voted? Play for free, watch iPhone XS Max

Only more than 1 week left to finish Tinh Bien Tinh 2018. Have you voted for the product you love the most? If not, join now, maybe this year you are the lucky one to take iPhone XS Max or Apple AirPods or many other valuable prizes. Visit now Exquisite Select 2018 — Tinhte.vn/ttbc18 Exquisite […]

Exquisite Vote 2018: Vote for your favorite product

Delicate voting is an annual event for us to look back at the outstanding technology products in the past year, and also an opportunity to vote on favorite products in many categories from mobile, computer, car to accessories, online retailers and digital content. Join at T Important Select 2018 — Tinhte. vn /ttb18 Exquisite Choice […]

Is it better to play games on a PC or phone?

I am currently following a post on the Group Subtly, you talk about playing games and playing with PC, the console is happy, why do you have to go into your phone to do? This is a good discussion, so I say my opinion first, and invite you to refute or discuss it further. Talk […]