List of 2018 highest revenue games: Fortnite tops, PUBG earns more than billion dollars

Unlike two years ago, when PUBG appeared and stormed the world and Vietnam game market, in 2018, Fortnite was clearly the most attractive game in the world. Superdata’s numbers also prove this, when out of more than $ 3 billion in revenue Fortnite makes for Epic Games, only in 2018 did the game sell $ […]

OnePlus signed a sponsorship contract for Fnatic team

You love technology must know OnePlus. As for those who love e-sports, regardless of the subject, from LoL, DOTA 2 to CS: GO, they know Fnatic. Recently smartphone manufacturer from China and esports organization based in London, England signed a cooperation agreement, through which OnePlus sponsors Fnatic, in return, the competition of professional gamers. playing […]

# TT18: Looking back at the 5 best games, and the 5 worst games released in 2018

2018, like every year, is the time of many blockbusters of interactive entertainment launches. Phàm is a game publisher, everyone wants a best-selling debut, highly appreciated. However, life is not always beautiful as a dream. There are really excellent games, rushed to buy by fans, and get a high score. But at times, a work […]

Porsche organizes virtual car racing: 100 thousand Dollar Award, iRacing game play

In stark contrast to the conventional way of thinking, it is that gaming does not make a person work similarly better than in real life (for example, shooting), many simulation racing games are developed to create The most realistic driving experience like Project CARS 2, or Grand Turismo Sport and F1 2018. Realizing this fact, […]