Chrome updates API, extension blocking ads and security runs out of land

Google is about to update a series of API functions for extensions in Chrome browser and this change will affect not only ad blocking extensions (Adblock) but also many extensions of security and anti-virus software, management for parents as well as other information security enhancement services. ┬áRaymond Hill – the author of the top ad […]

[Basic] Where is the installation file of .exe and .msi different?

.exe and .msi – 2 where is this file format different? When you download the software to install, you will encounter 1 of 2 file formats. Understanding their functions will make it easier for you to install and use software on Windows. .exe stands for executable and the name says it all, this is an […]

Cooler Master launches a series of SK series wireless mechanical keys, many sizes, Cherry switches, RGB lights, USB-C

Cooler Master has just added 3 wireless mechanical key versions to the low-profile keyboard line (SK series) with SK621, SK631 and SK651. This is also the first wireless mechanical keyboard of Cooler Master and they are still equipped with a high-end Cherry MX Low Profile Red switch with durability of over 50 million clicks. Currently […]

Revealing the GTX 1660Ti graphics card benchmark, 20% more powerful than the GTX 1060, can be sold in February

RTX 2060, Nvidia’s model of graphics card that supports the cheapest real-time ray tracing, was introduced at CES 2019, which took place in early January. However, it hasn’t stopped there, Nvidia may also be preparing two other mid-range products, namely GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1660, with GPUs not owning real-time ray tracing like graphics […]

HP brought computers running Ryzen to Vietnam, Envy x360, EliteBook 705 G5 and Desktop Pro A MT cheap

HP became the first to bring laptops and desktops with AMD’s Ryzen processors to semi-formal in Vietnam. In this morning’s launch, HP briefly introduced three product lines aimed at different user groups such as the Envy x360 laptop for various user modes, the EliteBook 705 G5 for businesses and Desktop. Pro A MT is a […]

Experience the ThinkPad L480: “green” laptop with recycled materials, office configuration, 18.3 million

Besides legendary lines like T, X, and P, ThinkPad also has L series called “green laptop”. for businesses. This series is very basic with the feature of low power consumption, environmentally friendly because many components are made of recycled materials, this ratio can be up to 30%. Of course, apart from these factors, ThinkPad L […]

[Basic] Task Manager: Process tab functions, desktop disassembly tips, find “strange” software

Using Windows, you’ll be no stranger to this tool, it is a lifesaving solution when the app crashes as well as what we find first when we find that the computer is not running properly. So when Task Manager has the word, the main role and how to use it, how will I share it […]

Experience the Intel 660P: High-capacity NVMe SSD with a soft, important price is fast in place

Launched at the end of last year, I recently had the chance to experience the latest Intel SSD line of fact, 660P. Despite quite a lot of promotion of its complex technology, Intel SSD 660P is a product for people who simply need a soft, high-capacity hard drive and know “fast on the right place”. […]

# Tet19: ask you to consult the PC screen, the need to play FPS, racing games, design Solid, CAD

The device is configured to i5-8400 and 1070Ti My needs are fps, racing, solid design, cad You can advise to help me with a screen of about 27 “, 144Hz, durable 1 inch of 8-10tr price range. Curved or straight screen also

The 2019 laptop has something to note: the 17 “laptop comes back, the border continues thin, 16:10 revives

The recent CES 2019 event shows us many new trends in the mobile market this year. Calculator 17 & quot; go back LG, Asus, Dell Alienware … are the companies that have launched laptops 17 & quot; at CES, in which the LG Gram 17 is a 17 & quot; The lightest in the world […]