According to Reuters, hackers working for the China Security Bureau attacked the networks of IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), then collided to continue hacking partners of the two corporations. What is part of China’s Cloudhopper campaign targeting service providers and robbing confidential information from their customers.

Although security agencies and government intelligence agencies have issued a lot of warnings about Cloudhopper since 2017, the identity of the affected companies has so far been publicized. On IBM’s side, the company claimed there was no evidence that business secrets were stolen. Meanwhile HPE refused to answer when asked about the Cloudhopper campaign.

Cloudhopper is a campaign aimed at businesses and the government seeks a technology firm to manage its operational information, including server systems, storage, network systems and support information. online support. By attacking technology companies that are providing services, Chinese hackers can easily steal customers’ secrets. These are information published when the US court accused two Chinese government officials of hacking technology corporations. Although prosecutors did not specify the name of the affected company.

However, Reuters sources said Cloudhopper has been attacking service providers for many years. Especially, it has infiltrated HPE and IBM’s network many times in weeks and even months. IBM has just begun investigating attacks since this summer, while HPE has been investigating since early 2017. IBM is said to have handled compromised machines by replacing the hard drive and installing the operating system. new.

According to court allegations, the Cloudhopper campaign was launched at least 2014. At least one service provider has been attacked and customers in 12 countries including Brazil, Germany, India, Japan , United Arab Emirates, Britain and America are affected. These customers are in many fields such as chemical technology, self-healing, mining, oil and gas, …

Reference Reuters

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