Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-MAX are the 4 latest pickup models introduced in the last 6 months. Each model has its own advantages, from brand, beautiful design, well-equipped to competitive price. In order to help you clarify your needs and make it easier to consider buying a pick-up, in this article I will compare parameters, equip the most advanced versions of 4. Car line above.

Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 AT MIVEC

The upgraded facelift version of the 5th generation Mitsubishi Triton has a strong impression with strong design, personality in Dynamic Shiled language. This can be considered a big plus point that will help 2019 Triton succeed, because the psychology of buying priority vehicles is still very popular in Vietnam. Noticeably upgraded from the Mitsubishi exterior, including Bi-LED lighting, LED taillights, light-on and off-light sensors, the front brake disc is made larger with size 17 & quot; .

Mitsubishi_Triton_2019_Xe_tinhte (10) .jpg

Besides the compact size and the best turning circle radius (5.9m) for flexible urban mobility, the Mitsubishi Triton is also a semi-pickup model with optimal parameters for offroad. It is a short wheelbase (3,000 mm) that helps to bring the top slope angle (Break-Over Angle) to the best 25 degrees segment. In addition, the roaring light range is also increased from 200 to 220 mm to make the Triton 2019 better off the road. The Triton’s most significant limitation compared to the three competitors lies in its ability to store goods by just over 2.2 square meters of cargo space.

Mitsubishi_Triton_2019_Xe_tinhte (29) .jpg

The new Triton interior does not have too many changes, still a typical pragmatic style of Mitsubishi. The biggest advantage lies in the rear seats with the best backrest segment, promising the rear seat will feel more comfortable when away. The infotainment system now adds Apple CarPlay support, in addition to Bluetooth /USB /AUX connectivity and 6 speakers that sound similar to competitors.

Mitsubishi_Triton_2019_Xe_tinhte (34) .jpg

Under the cap of the Triton 2019 is still a turbocharged I4 diesel engine block, with a capacity of 2.4L with MIVEC variable valve timing technology. Maximum capacity reaches 178 hp at 3,500 rpm and maximum torque of 430 Nm at 2,500 rpm. Remarkably, Triton now owns a completely new 6-speed gearbox, promising a smoother gear shift, while giving better speed response when it needs to be accelerated.

Mitsubishi_Triton_2019_Xe_tinhte (23) .jpgbr />

Triton’s 2-bridge version features Super-Select II 4-wheel drive system with 4 power bridge modes and central differential lock. At the same time, the pickup truck is added by Mitsubishi with 4 terrain modes similar to Pajero Sport, including: Gravel (Gravel), Mud /Snow (Mud /Snow), Sand (Sand) and Rock (Rock). to make it easier for users to go offroad in each form of terrain. It can be said, the 2019 Triton is the model with the best and best offroad configuration in the current segment.

Mitsubishi_Triton_2019_Xe_tinhte (36) .jpg

Details of Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 AT AT

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0L 4×4 AT

The mid-life upgrade versions of the 4th generation Ford Ranger were introduced in Vietnam in September 2018 with new looks and added many modern features. Most notably, Ford upgraded Ranger twin turbocharged engines with 10-speed gearbox. Ford Ranger Wildtrak version 2 is an automatic version of Ford Vietnam’s second most expensive download, behind the Ranger Raptor, at 918 million.


In contrast to Triton, Ranger is a big, muscular, top-class model, with the ability to wade up to 800 mm. The container size of the American pickup model is also very good, up to 2.4 square meters. In return, the Ranger is limited to a roaring light of only 200 mm, a modest front /rear exit angle and a turning radius of 6.35 meters. These factors affect more or less the ability to walk badly or manage in a narrow space.


Both versions of the 1-bridge and 2-bridge Wildtrak now have leather seats and boot buttons integrated with smart keys. Thus, the Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 AT will no longer be criticized as a nearly 1 billion pickup truck without leather seats and must use the key. Besides, Ford also equipped SYNC 3 entertainment system with 8 & quot; for Ranger Wildtrak. The included support features include Bluetooth /USB /Apple CarPlay connectivity, voice control.


Like the Everest Titanium version just released in late August, the new Ranger Wiltrak 4×4 AT is also equipped with Bi-Turbo twin-turbo I4 2.0L diesel engine. Combined with the all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, it produces better power and torque than the previous 3.2-liter Duratorq 5-cylinder engine. Maximum capacity reaches 210 hp at 3,750 rpm and maximum torque of 500Nm in very low rpm, from 1,750 to 2,000 rpm. Ranger Wildtrak’s offroad configuration is pretty good with 3 modes of power bridge and rear differential lock.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak currently owns two safety features that three rivals have to dream about, including collision warning combined with emergency braking in the city and automatic parallel parking assistance. Besides, Ford’s pickup also possesses many remarkable safety standard equipment such as lane deflection warning system; Apdaptive Cruise Control adaptive cruise control; Control against turning and controlling vehicles according to load; Support horizontal slope departure and downhill support. Front collision warning; Reverse camera and 6 />

Ảnh Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0L 4×4 AT (Nguồn: Ford Việt Nam)

Toyota Hilux 2.8 G 4×4 AT

Ở lần nâng cấp vào giữa năm 2018, cả 3 phiên bản Toyota Hilux gây được nhiều chú ý khi đều có 7 túi khí, hệ thống ổn định thân xe điện tử và kiểm soát hành trình Cruise Control. Tuy bổ sung thêm nhiều trang bị an toàn và tiện nghi nhưng mức giá của Hilux không thay đổi nhiều so với các phiên bản trước nhờ vào mức thuế nhập khẩu năm qua đã giảm xuống 0%. Cụ thể, Hilux 2.8 G 4×4 AT hiện đang có giá đề xuất 878 triệu đồ />

Toyota Hilux before and after upgrading
Like the Triton, the look of the Hilux is almost Toyota & quot; rebuilding & quot; completely. Stronger and more powerful vehicle with V-line face shape instead of the X-type face of the previous life. The 2.8 G 4×4 AT version is equipped with LED Projector lights and has an on /off automatic sensor on /off. In particular, the Hilux dominates the maneuverability due to the low light range (310 mm) and the front /rear exit angle (31/26 degrees) better than the 3 rivals.

The spacious and comfortable interior is one of the main advantages of the Toyota Hilux. The second row of seats with a reclining level is not really good, but the leg room is spacious and there is also an extra air cavity for the occupants. Comfortably equipped with the most premium Hilux version, including power driver seat, DVD player, USB /Bluetooth /AUX infotainment system with touch screen and 6 audio speakers, start button, 2-zone automatic conditioning, cruise control system, …

Slightly unfortunate when Toyota has not upgraded the engine and gearbox for Hilux, under the capo is still 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, producing a capacity of 174 horsepower and torque at 450 Nm. The difference of Hilux compared to 3 rivals is probably 3 driving modes Eco – Normal – Power for the driver to choose. Hilux’s 2-wheel drive system is quite similar to the Ranger with 3-mode power button and rear differential lock button.

The list of safety equipment of Toyota Hilux 2.8 G 4×4 AT includes

  • ABS /EBD /BA brake system
  • 7 airbags
  • Electronic balance system
  • Traction control system
  • Support departure on the slope
  • Support downhill
  • The steering column and brake pedals fall when colliding

Toyota Hilux artwork 2.4 E 4×2 AT

Isuzu D-MAX LS Prestige 3.0 4×4 AT

Isuzu D-MAX and Mitsubishi Triton are currently the two most affordable pickup models available today. The most advanced D-MAX version of the LS Prestige 3.0 4×4 AT is priced at 820 million. At the latest upgrade, the 2nd generation D-MAX has received positive changes both in appearance compared to the old version. The new design language at the front of the car looks more masculine and modern than before.

The D-MAX 2 bridge version has a Bi-LED Projector lamp that can adjust the beam height manually, but lacks the automatic on and off feature and automatic wiper. D-MAX also owns a set of 18 & quot; New 6-blade dual-wing design is more robust. The dimensions of the D-MAX are quite good and not too prominent compared to competitors, such as the 235 mm chassis clearance range, 6.3 m turning radius or 2.27 cargo area.

The 2018 upgraded D-MAX interior features a dashboard with a more modern new design. The multi-information display is now a color display and has a function to remind maintenance schedules. The most prominent facilities in the highest version include: Smart Key key with start button; leather seats and 6-way power driver seats; The ISUZU Theater System with 8 “touch screen support Apple CarPlay, 2 fast-charging USB ports for mobile phones and other mobile devices.

The highest version, though still using 3.0L engine, upgraded with Blue Power engine technology and met Euro 4 emission standards. Meanwhile, the automatic transmission upgraded to 6-level Rev Tronic. Power and torque respectively 174 horsepower and 380 Nm. Although there is also a 2-wheel drive system and electric bridge, D-MAX does not equip rear axle differential locks like Ranger and Hilux. In addition, D-MAX has been significantly improved by Isuzu with 6 airbags, electronic balance (ESC), traction control (TSC), uphill assist (HAS) and support Pass (HDC).

Detailed images of Isuzu D-MAX LS Prestige 1.9 4×2 AT

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