Last year, Google measured himself through 57 locations, 21 cities and 7 different countries. The total distance I traveled was 107,680km, ie 2.6 times around the earth. In addition, there are other interesting information, the information that Google obtained is because I turned on the location history feature in my account settings section.

I tried turning on this feature 265 days ago on Android devices (meaning it can’t be measured from my iPhone). You go to your acc to see if these services are being accidentally turned on. If you like, turn it on, or not. This is just a positive thing Google sent you, and the one it took from you for other guys is also very much.

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Activity controls
Dữ liệu đã được lưu trong tài khoản của bạn đã được phép bạn đã thêm các sự thương hiệu Crossover all các dịch vụ Google. Chọn các thiết lập bạn muốn đặt dữ liệu trong Google Account.


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