Tripod (Tripod) is an indispensable device in the landscape image category. For professional NAGs, tripod is an object that is not separate from them during trips to photograph whether heavy, cumbersome or entangled. With tripod, they confidently take photos in difficult weather conditions but wind, rain, lack of light or in unfavorable environments to hold the camera like on rocks, or capture birds and animals that need a distance Use remote. Tripod is sometimes a safe place to store when you need to rest in a key.

What kind of tripod must be equipped?

Tripod consists of 2 parts: rotary head and tripod. There are many types of tripods to choose from, from tripods to phones to tripod cameras with a lot of different prices. According to me, you should buy a good tripod a bit and definitely fit your camera set. It is better for you to buy one time than it is worth buying many times because it is bad and bad, and if the tripod is good, it will ensure your safety in windy, bumpy environments … There are many Famous brands for your choice like Manfrotto, Benro, Velbon, Silk …

  Tripod head for camera mounting.


Tripod leg
How to use a tripod for efficiency?

According to the habit of taking a photo, after taking the tripod out of the bag, we pull out the length of the tripod (there are 3 sections) to put it on and attach the camera. When shooting, we will shorten the height of the tripod a few times to match the frame we want to capture. This takes time and much to miss the beautiful moment in golden hour, blue hour of landscape image category.


Follow my habit or pull the height of tripod
When I need to take a shot, I rarely pull out my tripod right away, but take a rest and look around to find the right location and a nice view to decide on a tripod. Before taking the shot, I took the camera and looked at the viewfinder to select the appropriate camera angle, then pulled the tripod in the correct height with the selected camera angle and attached it to the camera. Thus, it takes time to adjust the tripod many times.


Before shooting, I choose the camera angle I want to capture and adjust the tripod once.

I use a tripod on the beach to take this photo
Please tell me how to use a tripod or share it with everyone.

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