If you are a member of Apple Music but for some reason want to listen to music directly from the website (for example, to save resources), the two pages of Play Apple Music and Musish will be the only two options. of you. Apple does not provide a web platform for their music service but provides API functionality for programmers, in case they want to create their own page.

The first page is Play Apple Music debuted about a month ago. Personally, I found this page to load quite quickly, but I had a Google interface, or Spotify, …


The second and one of the only two pages currently are Musish . This site has an Apple Music-like interface on iTunes up to 90%, as if it were an Apple master website.


Before using both, you must log in to the site to synchronize your account. Don’t worry about security because these two sites all use API authorized by Apple, so the account information is completely secure, it only accesses the token to be allowed by Apple. If you have two-factor authentication, you still need to get the authentication code as normal login.

Every website has For You tabs, Playlist, and basic tabs. All operations are quite stable. Musish can also link to Apple’s Genius API to get lyrics. Developers say that there are still a few cases of false statements. However, they will solve this problem soon.

One thing to note is that this is an open source project, and the development team welcomes everyone’s contributions, you can find the source code at GibHub

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