Today we have lost one of the first architects to lay the foundation for the current Internet system: Larry Roberts, the best known for managing the ARPAnet program (the predecessor of the internet), passed away on December 26 at the age of 81. Although his name is not as prominent as Tim Berners-Lee or Vint Cerf, Larry Roberts is the one who makes key decisions in shaping how it works. dynamic of the Internet.

Larry Roberts’ first computer network concepts were formed in the 1960s, when he read J.C.R’s document called “intergalactic computer network.” Licklider. Then he joined Robert Taylor, director of the information processing engineering office of ARPA of the US Department of Defense, to find ways to connect computers together. Then he met Wesley Clark, grasping the idea of ​​using small computers to form a computer network. Finally, he found a way to form ARPAnet, the network that uses the first packet switching technology to operate and is also the ancestor of the current global internet system.

In 1973, Robert left ARPA but his activities did not stop. He later contributed to the development of commercial packet switching technology through his company Telenet and many years later sought to improve the quality of the internet network. The companies that he worked with contributed greatly to improving the quality of internet services as we have today but ultimately video streaming. Therefore, you may not have realized it, but you are the one who contributed greatly to the fact that you can read these words. Thank you for all your dedication to humanity and wish you peace of mind.

Reference NYT , Computerhistory

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