Netflix suddenly raised the price of their streaming packages by 13-18% from the current cost, which is the highest price increase ever since Netflix launched in 2007 and applied in the US. Currently, the cost of packages in Vietnam remains the same level of 180,000 (Basic) – 220,000 (Standard HD) – 260,000 (Prenium 4K), and do not know whether Netflix applies price increases in our market. no.

3-pack rates in Vietnam remain unchanged
This price increase will take effect immediately for Americans who have just registered for the first time and applied the cost to the old customer within the next 3 months. All streaming packages include: Basic packages from $ 8 to $ 9, Standard (HD) packages from $ 11 to $ 13 and finally Prenium (4K) packages from $ 14 to $ 16. This price increase has not affected the UK and European markets.

This is the first time that Netflix Basic package has been increased in price, before that, higher quality packages have been adjusted to increase. In the text Netflix offers: “This price increase is suitable for us to invest in more new content and interface items as well as improve the quality of service users in the era of streaming development.” br />

News of the price increase announcement was made public two days before the company announced the fourth quarter of 2018 revenue and the company’s stock also increased by 6%.

According to Whathifi

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