We live in an era where things are often overly advertised, and one of them is the speed of internet services. To avoid this situation, New York City has asked internet providers to be transparent in introducing package speeds.

Specifically, the service providers must prove that the speed they advertise is accurate by the tests, ensuring the network infrastructure is sufficient to meet the services from 3rd party as well as clarifying to customers that speed WiFi will not be as fast as a wired connection. In addition, there are some long-term investment requirements for network infrastructure and compensate customers when the service is not as advertised.

This is basically a big step in the transparency of internet service provision, which is a painful problem not only for New York City but also in Vietnam. Many networks advertise packages at a theoretical speed, while in fact speed is much slower. Besides, the speed of wifi when emitting is of course not equal when plugging in directly, and also depends on the quality of the wifi transmitter.

According to Engadget

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