After 6 years since Men in Black 3 debuted, Sony Pictures released a sequel, Named Men in Black International, scheduled for June 14, 1976, the summer season. 2019.


Men in Black (MiB) is a real term in the United States, referring to people in black, supposedly working for the US government, specializing in information about aliens and UFOs. Their job is to find people, scientists or UFOs to threaten them from disseminating information, then wipe their memories with a special device.


Aliens Remover
The MiB series produced by Columbia Pictures is also based on these assumptions, but the MiB agents in the film have very specific tasks, which are supervising the activities of aliens. The MiB series is co-starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, as Jay and Kay.


M and H agents in Part 4
In Part 4 of MiB International, the limits of alien processing are no longer limited internally within the United States, which has reached international reach, so the film is called International, and the times This is in the UK. Part 4 also features new cast members, including Tessa Thompson as M, “The Devil”. Chris Hemsworth as H, alongside veteran actor Liam Neeson. The movie is set to open theaters on June 14, 1919.

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