Now, the children ‘s childhood is smartphones, touch screens & quot; lighters & quot ;, & quot; ticks & quot ;. Nearly ten years ago, childhood was a & quot; perverted & quot; – close the lid or slide. The flip phones – that slide was the dream of many people. It is true that in the past, there was not even a single child to use, but only & quot; Follow my parents to beg & loan; let me borrow a little & quot ;. When I thought about it in my head, I tried to get up, I had to grow up, I had to work and have money to buy a phone. (Although it is big, then when I find myself stupid, wish to do something, besides the phone “genuine”, I have to face many scary things). Remembers how much memories are enough, in short, Tinhte has just caught up with the Samsung SGH-M300, so he took advantage of his photos to show you and give you guys who want 1 & quot; tickets to the past & quot ;, memories. It’s not worth much but the meaning. hehe.

How to join the game:
You just need to comment right below the most memorable phone in your memory to get us random numbers. The game will end on January 31. Happy brothers.

Launched in 2007, this flip phone is 12 years old. I remember it as a child, my mother used a pink one on her baby. My mother is super fastidious, begging to be lent for a bit. Sometimes, the mother does not lend it, then sneaks up & quot; stalking & quot; when the mother is charging and sitting up. There was a time when I tried to go in and install something strange and my mother opened it and found it was not normal, so it was a blow. Looking back at the smartphones now, the items I am using, unconsciously laugh at one. Star time is so fast, things change, develop rapidly.


The screen is very small, and it is pitted. Yet in the past, many people were tired.


There, there are 1.6 & quot; Only 65K colors. However, in the past, I stuck my nose in to play miscellaneous games.


After that, the time to press the message went up, clicked into the habit of not looking. But I don’t know who found this machine to spread 🙂 ) Or it was & quot; aesthetic & quot; again. But from time to time, the row of keys, the outer shell must definitely peel.


Save 500 phone numbers and 20 number call logs. Now it is different. Smartphone, want to save as many 🙂 ).

samsung-sgh-m300-15.jpgbr />
The battery is only 700mAh, but no one has criticized it. Even at that time, people didn’t care how much the battery was, except for the super buffalo bulls like rocks.


I forgot, there’s a full box, brother.


A headache because smartphones now leave the headphone jack? No problem, you’re lucky to marry me, continue to use the FM radio headset.


What is the need for a new old 10-screen smartphone using the main camera like selfie. He is old, but he only needs to use the main camera like a selfie camera with a secondary monitor


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