Today I will hand the AGV 3/4 2-glass hat called Orbyt in my hand. This is a new model of AGV in 2018 replacing the previous Fluid model. The hat I use on my hand is called Orbyt Dreamtime, this is one of the special colored versions of the Orbyt line so don’t ask why it has a price of up to 4.8 million. So in addition to the special color, this newest 3/4 helmet of AGV has something interesting, invite you to find out in the following video:


The starting price of Orbyt hats is VND 3.39 million for monochrome colors. The Dreamtime version I have on hand in this video is a special version so its price is also the highest. With a weight of about 1.4 kg for size M, this 3/4 helmet you can team when riding in the city or going to work every day is ok. Or you can buy it for your girlfriend or wife in case you don’t like the bigger and inconvenient fullface hats.


In terms of design, the conical outer shell is made of Thermoplastic plastic with high heat resistance and it has 2 shell sizes depending on the size of the hat you choose. And the inner foam layer has good impulse absorption and also has 2 sizes respectively. One point I find very interesting in Orbyt is that the back of the cone still has a small wind tail like AGV’s fullface hats.


At the top of the cone is the vent hole, which has a adjustable lever for the air to enter the cone. Another thing is that the location of the ventilation slot here will help the wind in the most way and it will not affect the inner sunglasses.


The lining is made of fabric, when I put it in, it felt quite smooth. You can remove this sponge to clean when going for a long time. What I personally like about this Orbyt hat is the design that allows the team to use glasses close up. Probably the close brothers like me will love this point.


The windscreen part of my hat is quite long, when pulled down, it completely covers my face and extends beyond my chin. The tightness is no less than a fullface. This windshield is scratch resistant, has 2 sizes corresponding to 2 shell sizes. It ensures wind protection and minimizes unnecessary noise from outside the environment.

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The sunglasses on the inside are also scratch-resistant and you can easily remove them by hand. Just like the outside windshield, it also has 2 sizes respectively. The opening and closing of the sunglasses is also very fast and convenient, you just need to rotate the piece on the outside of the cone on the left ear. Even when wearing gloves you can do this easily.


The lock is a type of lock instead of a Double Ring, which allows you to quickly bring in and remove it. Thanks to the design of easy-to-remove foam pad components, you can easily integrate bluetooth headset devices.


Feeling like I was very quiet, when walking outside, it really stood out because of the bright colors of the hat. Thanks to the windshield, many times I run fast, the wind is blocked and the noise of the wind and the sound of other cars are greatly reduced. And going in the middle of the sun, I don’t need to put my hands to cover my eyes anymore, pull down the sunscreen and finish. Personally, this AGV Orbyt hat doesn’t lose to a fullface, you can go away, not just run in the city.


You can look at AGV Orbyt’s price, you will think this is a very high and unreasonable price for a 3/4 hat. However, if you are looking for a 3/4 helmet that does not line up to lighten the street, then AGV Orbyt is the choice for you. If you are an AGV fan, then you can’t ignore it because look at the graphics on the hat, and then the rear wind tail is extremely charming.


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