[QC] Order before Vsmart phone receive super premium from Nguyen Kim

As the first official retailer of Vsmart, from December 22nd to 24th, Nguyen Kim has implemented a super-incentive program for buyers or booking the first smartphone of Vsmart: Active 1, Joy 1 and Joy 1+.

Powerful configuration, modern design

Variety of varieties with different prices, Vsmart phones meet the large number of user needs.

Active 1 and Active 1+ are premium lines of glass and metal design. Both monitors have Full HD + resolution, IPS LCD panel with powerful Snapdragon 660 processor and 64GB internal memory, fast charge support, dual camera support for capturing deleted fonts. In particular, Active 1+ has a resolution of 12MP and 24MP, while Active 1 is 12MP and 5MP. Selfie camera resolution of Active 1 (8MP) and Active 1+ (20MP).

Joy 1 and Joy 1+ are two basic lines, albeit cheap, but configured to ensure the full performance required with the Snapdragon 435 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and a 3000mAh battery. The Joy 1 series has a 5.45-inch widescreen display, a 6.2-inch Joy 1+, a Snapdragon 430 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory. Where Joy 1+ is a model with a battery & quot; buffalo & quot; Most of the Vsmart, dual cameras with 13MP and 2MP resolution.

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  Order early, super deals

From 22nd to 24th December, customers buying or booking VSMART products at Nguyen Kim shopping center system will receive many benefits from the program, as follows:

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alt = “Screenshot 2018-12-21 10.27.02.png”
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data-width = “1212” />
 In particular, products Joy 1, Joy 1+, Active 1 are available in Nguyen Kim, Active 1+ will be sold in January, 201, customers can pre-order today to receive incentives. Limited quantities, delivery time is expected on 22/12/2018.

In addition, when paying by credit card when buying products priced at over 3 million dong, customers are also supported to buy installment loans at preferential interest rates to 0% from affiliated banks such as Citibank, HSBC, Sacombank , Techcombank ShinhanBank, VPBank, MaritimeBank, VIB, Standard Chartered, SCB, TPBank, Eximbank, Techcombank, SeABank.

With European design, outstanding performance, warranty period up to 18 months, Vsmart phones are “hot” phenomenon in the technology market and will be a gift not missed opportunities in the Christmas and New Year.

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How did the CIA see military parades in the Soviet Union to gather intelligence on military technology?

Throughout the Cold War, the CIA has garnered a great deal of information on the new Soviet weapons systems, and the path to the news was incredibly simple: through parades. The Soviet Union once held regular marches at Red Square in Moscow, which showed the latest military equipment and equipment to assert military power. And in truth, both sides are well aware of the importance of parades to the collection of intelligence, leading to many bad jokes of ancient intelligence.

The parades were usually held by the Soviet Union on May 1 to commemorate the anniversary of the labor day and on November 7 to commemorate the October revolution. In addition, sources from the United States confirmed that the Soviet Union held many Parade parades in cities other than Moscow. More specifically, July is often the occasion to host parachutes involving aircraft.


SS-9 “Scarp” model of intercontinental ballistic missile was paraded on Red Square in 1968.
During the parades, the Soviet Union carried out most of the latest military equipment and emphasized nuclear weapons systems. They performed nuclear warheads, ballistic missiles and other heavy weapons at Red Square. Heavy artillery, 240-millimeter rocket launchers, unspecified land-based names such as the SA-6 Gainful that could threaten even American bombers were also paraded. In the United States, these weapons are usually only visible in the form of small spots on photographs taken by reconnaissance aircraft, including U-2s. Therefore, observing them at close range at a parade is an invaluable opportunity to gather intelligence.


Model Bison bombers fly over Moscow skyline in an airplane show here in 1956.

Western military attaches at the consulates and embassies in the Soviet Union often attended parades and photographed many documents for intelligence purposes. Of course, the Soviet side was aware of the importance of parades to US intelligence operations, and at least once, they deceived Americans, making the US believe that the Soviet Union had a lot of weapons. gas. On July 5, 1955, at an air raid, the Soviet Union transported 10 Bison strategic bombers to a parade in preparation for the march.

However, the trick here is that after flying out of the sight of the observers below, the Bison team rounds back and flies the same trajectory a further six times. At that time, US intelligence believed that the Soviet Union had up to 60 bombers at the parade, not 10, so they figured out that the Soviet Union had to have 600 Bison, Much more than the previous review. In fact, at that time, the Soviet Union owned only 23 Bison bombers and apparently could not even surpass the United States in the production of long-range bombers.

TOP TIME Magazine’s TIME Magazine Press Releases – Part 1

The year 2018 is full of turmoil, ranging from tragedy to celebrations, from promising beginnings to gloomy adventures, between adversity and conflict, inspiring moments. exists: the royal wedding is evidence of a modern marriage; or the image of an Olympic athlete flying spectacular .. We see many students injured in bloody classes and witnessed California sinking in the fire, we have to say goodbye to the late white rhino same in the north with genuine photographs from the multi-dimensional lenses of photographers

Photographers and photojournalists have taken their cameras around the world, sometimes risking their own safety to give marginalized readers a sense of what has been and is not. is taking place on this planet. TIME magazine photo editors selected and shared 100 of the best photos of the past year. Because the number of 100 photos is pretty much divided into two parts, each of 50 photos.


A group of Central American immigrants (near the El Chaparral area across Tijuana) climbed the fence between Mexico and the United States on Nov. 25, a day of border chaos.
Pedro Pardo – AFP /Getty Images

As soon as the US set up a new embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, violence erupted just a few miles from the Gaza Strip, where Israeli soldiers contested with Palestinian protesters. As in this photo, the wounded man is being brought to a chariot by chariot
Emanuele Satolli – TIME.

& nbsp;
alt = “stuart-palley-california-fires-top-100-photos-20181.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520820_stuart-palley-california-fires-top-100-photos-20181.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

A citizen ran out of his home in Thousand Oaks, California on November 9th with only his clothes on. Forest fires broke out in North and Southern California in early November, with an estimated 160,000 evacuated
Stuart W. Palley

& nbsp;
alt = “renee-c-byer-paradise-california-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520822_renee-c-byer-paradise-california-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

A walking walkout was left in the ramp of a destroyed mobile home park in Paradise, California on November 15.
Renée C. Byer-The Sacramento Bee

& nbsp;
alt = “yui-mok-royal-wedding-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520823_yui-mok-royal-wedding-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “1307” />br />
Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex – Meghan Markle held hands at the wedding reception in Windsor, England on May 19.
Yui Mok-WPA Pool /Getty Images

& nbsp;
alt = “bruce-omori-hawaii-volcano-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520824_bruce-omori-hawaii-volcano-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “1980” />

The aerial view of the catastrophic disaster shows that lava flows are moving very fast from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on May 19. The eruption destroyed nearly 700 homes and displaced thousands of people
Bruce Omori-Paradise Helicopters /EPA-EFE /Shutterstock

& nbsp;
alt = “fred-ramos-migrant-caravan-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520825_fred-ramos-migrant-caravan-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

A Hondura kid plays with his mask near the railroad track in Arriaga, Chiapas, southern Mexico on October 26.
Fred Ramos – El Faro


Japan’s Naomi Osaka vs. Simona Halep from Romania at the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 22.
David Gray – Reuters

& nbsp;
alt = “hannah-reyes-morales-transgender-pageant-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520828_hannah-reyes-morales-transgender-pageant-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Kim Prahinog Attends a Transgender Contest in the Philippines on April 6. This country, heavily Catholic, is known for one of the largest LGBT communities in Southeast Asia.
Hannah Reyes Morales, The New York Times /Redux

& nbsp;
alt = “gabriella-demczuk-charles-grassley-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520830_gabriella-demczuk-charles-grassley-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

President Chuck Grassley on Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Christine Blasey Ford to testify on charges of sexual assault against a Supreme Court candidate – Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh in Washington, DC, on September 27th.

Gabriella Demchuk-Pool /AFP /Getty Images

& nbsp;
alt = “john-moore-immigration-spotlight-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520832_john-moore-immigration-spotlight-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />
The lights of the US Border Guard land in a field when agents search for undocumented immigrants near McAllen, Texas, on February 22.
John Moore-Getty Images

tyler-hicks-yemen-war-top-100-photos-2018.jpgbr />
Image of 7-year-old Amal Hussain has drawn global attention to the humanitarian crisis by the Saudi-led war in Yemen, where 14 million people can starve to death On November 1, the Amal family said she died in a refugee camp
Tyler Hicks – The New York Times /Redux

& nbsp;
alt = “mike-blake-texas-immigration-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520835_mike-blake-texas-immigration-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Children migrate to a city full of tents in Tornillo, Texas on August 16. The United States has minors detained without guardians and in custody. This is controversial in the context of Trump’s family breakaway policy, which has since been reversed.
Mike Blake – Reuters

& nbsp;
alt = “kevin-lim-north-korea-summit-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520836_kevin-lim-north-korea-summit-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2159” />

At the historic summit, President Trump was friendly with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, whom he once mocked as “the little rocket man”. But after the June 12 meeting in Singapore, the process of denuclearization negotiations has stalled
Kevin Lim, The Straits Times /Reuters


President Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump held hands during a ceremony, the day the late missionary Billy Graham rested in the US Capitol on February 28. />
Shawn Thew Pool Pool /Getty Images

& nbsp;
alt = “erin-schaff-brett-kavanaugh-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520838_erin-schaff-brett-kavanaugh-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s candidate for the Supreme Court, adjusted his tie while waiting for Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) on Capitol Hill. in Washington on 30 July
Erin Schaff, The New York Times /Redux Times


Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria played in the quarterfinals with Kyle Edmund of England on the ninth day of the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 23.
Scott Barbour-Getty Images

& nbsp;
alt = “evan-vucci-naval-academy-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520847_evan-vucci-naval-academy-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />br />
Navy soldiers listened when President Trump spoke at the graduation ceremony and operated at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis on May 25.
Evan Vucci AP AP /Shutterstock

& nbsp;
alt = “mark-peterson-trump-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520849_mark-peterson-trump-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Patriot Prayer (right-wing group) held a rally in Portland, Ore, where they met anti-fascists, on August 4.
Mark Peterson, Redux


A raccoon crawling on the UBS tower in St. Petersburg. Paul, Trin, on June 12.
Evan Frost – Radio Minnesota /AP.


26-year-old Joseph Wachira, comforted Sudan – the last white rhino on the planet, the moment before his death in March.
Ami Vitale-National Geographic Creative


The Eagles, led by Nick Foles – reserve midfielder, won the first Super Bowl title in franchise history, was congratulated by the firing range and the acclamation On the way back home.
Chris Wattie, Reuters Reuters


The boys at the Naval Academy of Nakhimov in Murmansk, Russia, in September. Kozyrev made this image as an interpreter of the Carmignac journalism photojournalism award. >
Yuri Kozyrev-NOOR for Carmignac Fondation

& nbsp;
alt = “hilary-swift-hurricane-flooding-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520855_hilary-swift-hurricane-flooding-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Flood scenes below the Jayhawk helicopter window during the US Coast Guard’s search and rescue operation after Hurricane Florence landed in North Carolina on the 18th. September.
Hilary Swift-The New York Times /Redux

& nbsp;
alt = “win-mcnamee-turkeys-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520856_win-mcnamee-turkeys-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2155” />br />
Peas and Carrot walked in the Willard InterContinental hotel room after an introductory press conference hosted by the National Turkey Foundation in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 19.
Win McNamee-Getty Images


Eksandr Abramenko of Ukraine, on February 18, won the gold medal in the finals of the aerial play at the 2018 Winter Olympics. His performance at PyeongChang helped He became the first Ukrainian man ever to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics
Doug Mills, The New York Times /Redux

& nbsp;
alt = “andres-kudacki-thanksgiving-parade-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520858_andres-kudacki-thanksgiving-parade-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Dancers are protecting themselves from the cold as they travel along Sixth Avenue during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York on November 22nd.
Andres Kudacki-AP /Shutterstock

& nbsp;
alt = “daniele-volpe-guatemala-volcano-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520860_daniele-volpe-guatemala-volcano-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2158” />

An abandoned house in the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, near the city of Escuintla in Guatemala after a volcanic eruption in June.
Daniele Volpe

& nbsp;
alt = “wally-scale-malibu-wildfire-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520861_wally-skalij-malibu-wildfire-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2223” />

When the fire of Woolsey flared, the llamas were tied to a beach rescue station in Malibu on November 9.
Wally Skalij-Los Angeles Times /Polaris

& nbsp;
alt = “jae-c-hong-california-wildfire-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520862_jae-c-hong-california-wildfire-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Flame retardant was sprayed on a burning hillside in Malibu on November 11.
Jae C. Hong, AP /Shutterstock


Lacey Carillo Quintera is 15 years old, celebrating his birthday by taking pictures with his family at La Lomita in Culiacan, Sinaloa, in February.
Kirsten Luce – TIME

lucas-jackson-stormy-daniels-top-100-photos-2018.jpgbr />
Stormy Daniels enters federal court in Manhattan on April 16.
Lucas Jackson-Reuters


Vice President Mike Pence went up the stairs to the stage during a rally organized by the Conservative Union of the United States in Kansas City, Mo., in November.
Charlie Riedel-AP /Shutterstock


Christine Blasey Ford sworn in at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on her testimony to allegations of sexual assault against a Supreme Court candidate – Judge Brett Kavanaugh at Capitol Hill in Washington on September 27th.
Erin Schaff – The New York Times /Pool /Reuters


A volunteer member of President Trump’s pioneering group, blocked the camera when a photographer tried to photograph a demonstrator during a demonstration campaign in Evansville, Ind., on 30 May. 8.
Evan Vucci – AP /Shutterstock


Everyone was taken out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at Parkland, Fla., on February 14. Seventeen people were killed, survivors of the massacre. Ignited a movement across the country against gun violence
Joe Raedle-Getty Images

& nbsp;
alt = “gabriella-demchuk-march-for-our-lives-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520870_gabriella-demczuk-march-for-our-lives-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Demonstrators filled Pennsylvania Avenue to prepare for the March “Demonstration for our lives” in Washington, D.C., on March 24.
Gabriella Demczuk – TIME


Stephan Clark’s brother, Stephanie Clark, spoke with protesters who shot dead his brother, in Sacramento on March 28. Stephon was shot dead for 10 days. Before that.
Josh Edelson-AFP /Getty Images/i>


A woman showing the sign “Black Lives Matter” is also important for a boy who is adjusting his position on a tree. Lafayette Square in Washington, DC, on August 12.
Daniel Arnold – TIME

& nbsp;
alt = “thalia-juarez-capital-gazette-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520873_thalia-juarez-capital-gazette-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2160” />

Capital Gazette Pat Furgurson (pictured) and Chase Cook embrace at a temporary office in a shopping center parking garage in Annapolis, Md, while reporting on the shooting. dead in their newsroom on June 28th, five of their colleagues have been killed
Thalia Juarez-Capital Gazette via AP

& nbsp;
alt = “jes-aznar-philippines-landslide-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520875_jes-aznar-philippines-landslide-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2158” />

Landslide survivors find their way to safety in the mining town of Itogon, northern Philippines on September 17, two days after the catastrophic Mangalore disaster. />
Jes Aznar, The New York Times /Redux

& nbsp;
alt = “newsha-tavakolian-iran-nomads-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520876_newsha-tavakolian-iran-nomads-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “1922” />

A shepherd in Iran’s Khuzestan province moves her flock to a shelter in a dust storm.
Newsha Tavakolian-Magnum Photos for National Geographic with help from Pulitzer Center


Jason Coffman (middle photo, right), father of Thousand Oaks shooting victim Cody Coffman, was comforted by Anthony Ganczewski at a funeral parlor for his son in Camarillo, Calif., on November 14 Cody is among dozens of dead in a shooting at a bar
Jae C. Hong – AP /Shutterstock

& nbsp;
alt = “yuri-gripas-sarah-huckabee-sanders-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-height = “1440”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4520878_yuri-gripas-sarah-huckabee-sanders-top-100-photos-2018.jpg”
data-width = “2217” />

White House Press Secretary – Sarah Huckabee Sanders and National Security Advisor – John Bolton watched President Trump declare military strike in Syria at the White House on April 13. < br />
Yuri Gripas-Reuters

Where did I go to take pictures?

These days, when walking in the morning or afternoon when the city lights up, we will feel the atmosphere of Christmas is approaching. Commercial centers, amusement parks, lantern-lit streets are truly sparkling. The cathedrals of the cathedrals make caves of different shapes, sizes and materials. Christmas decorations are always crowded with shoppers to decorate the family in a small corner with the desire to bring love, warmth to the members in the house … < br />


In the spirit of sharing, I would like to introduce to you what you have and will do in this Christmas season to help you partly know NOEL THIS IS GOING TO IMAGING.


    Equipment: My goal is to take a picture so I will carry a camera, a flash, a 20mm focal length lens, a 50mm focal lens and of course a phone. Can capture instant noodles with fleeting moments.
  • Companion: As the shooting time is often at night and the absentee should have one or several hobbyists sharing the same room. There are places where the car can not be sent. Take turns taking photos so that everyone can harvest good photos.
    Plan and roadmap: Planning and roadmap are also essential. If you have no plans to take a picture and go on a road trip, you will need to find a way around the road and you will not get the results you want. For example: today will take the festive atmosphere you will know where to go and which time is appropriate.

& nbsp;
alt = “DSC_4782.jpg”
data-height = “1363”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4521661_DSC_4782.jpg”
data-width = “2048” />

  Notre Dame Cathedral is always the attraction of people regardless of religion.

& nbsp;
alt = “DSC_4804.jpg”
data-height = “1363”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4521670_DSC_4804.jpg”
data-width = “2048” />

On festive days, the walking street is also a popular attraction

If you are a working person and you are traveling with a partner, it is a difficult matter to schedule. Therefore, you should anticipate what time it will take for both of you to agree on a particular calendar and not to interfere with each other’s work.

  • Daytime: These days, daytime activities are less active and the scene is not as shining as nighttime, so it’s mainly to take pictures of places to shop for accessories and decorations. If you have friends to spare, then invite them to model for you is also a chance for friends to have fun moments, comfortable after daily tasks.
  • Night: At this time, the place has prepared for Noel all lights up with colorful eye catching. Surely you will meet so many people like to take pictures like you, so put your foot in the place where “everyone is beautiful, everyone wants to shoot” To have a nice view of your photo will be very difficult. So, the best thing to do is determine what you will be shooting to get to where you need to be right where you want to be./li>


Những đồ trang trí Noel bày bán rất nhiều



Các trung tâm thương mại, khu vui chơi được trang trí đẹp mắt


Với những chiếc smartphone, các bạn trẻ lưu lại những hình ảnh Noel cho riêng mình
Địa điểm

  • Các nhà thờ, khu xóm đạo : Với người Công Giáo, lễ Noel là dịp gợi nhớ lại hình ảnh Chúa Giê – su Hài Đồng hạ sinh trong một hang đá ngoài cánh đồng của những người chăn chiên lừa bò để bắt đầu một sứ vụ "làm người để con người được làm con Thiên Chúa". Do đó, các nhà thờ, các khu xứ đạo thường làm những hang đá và trang trí rất đẹp. Đến những nơi này có nhiều cái để chụp đó các bạn. Các khu vực có trang trí đẹp như Xóm Đạo đường Phạm Thế Hiển- quận 8; Khu Xóm Đạo Đất Thánh, Nghĩa Phát – quận Tân Bình; Các nhà thờ khu vực Xóm Mới – quận Gò Vấp; Nhà thờ Đức Bà, Nhà Thờ Tân Định, Nhà thờ Xóm Thuốc…
  • Các trung tâm thương mai, khu vui chơi: Ngày nay, Noel được xem là lễ hội của cả nước nên các trung tâm thương mại, những khu vui chơi cũng được trang trí rất đẹp. Những cây thông Noel, các cỗ xe với tuần lộc, những hộp quà, những ông già Noel… cũng là dữ liệu cho việc chụp ảnh của bạn.
  • Đường phố, các khu dân cư, khu lao động, các bến xe.. : Xã hội bao giờ cũng có phân cấp nên không phải ai cũng có điều kiện ra đường vui chơi vào dịp Noel này. Những người xa quê, phải đầu tắt mặt tối, bươn chải với cuộc đời trong các khu xóm lao động nghèo để có cái ăn cái mặc và tiết kiệm gửi về quê nuôi người thân. Đến những nơi này để ghi lại cách họ đối diện với lễ hội Noel như thế nào cũng là một điểm cần ghi nhận.


Các nhà thờ luôn làm hang đá trong mỗi dịp Noel

Noel cũng là dịp giúp người Công Giáo hy vọng và tin tưởng vào Tình Yêu Giáng Sinh

Wish you a happy and happy Christmas season!

Startup of the Netherlands introduces solar electric car, one-time charger 800 km, sold from 2020

Thanks to the system of solar panels mounted on the roof, in theory, the car developed by lightyear – a Dutch-based startup company may be on the road without having to visit the charging station. Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of the company, says the commercial version of these vehicles will begin shipping in 2020.

We know that if you want to grow your car, you need to have the infrastructure in place, in particular the network of charging stations. Deploying these charging stations on a wide scale is not easy, and that’s also why Lightyear was born with a solution: no matter what the infrastructure is.


The thought of setting up a solar-powered electric car company came to fruition when Hoefsloot was a student at Eindhoven University of Technology. At that time, he was part of the winning team both times (in 2013 and 2015) in the World Solar Challenge, thanks to a vehicle that could run nearly 1,600 kilometers on a single charge. Of course, the whole process is recharged from solar panels.

In 2016, these talented engineers realized that their ideas seemed commercially viable, then led to the decision to establish Lightyear and sought out investors, including those with economic Experts in the automotive industry, including former Tesla employees.

Basically, the company’s product is similar to that of other electric car manufacturers on the market, still the battery and the engine is fitted on each wheel. The difference is that the solar panel system mounted on the roof can collect energy and charge directly to the battery when the vehicle is moving on the road.

The manufacturer says the body is lightweight due to the special materials used in the fabrication process. Some of the features that contribute to the aerodynamics of the car include the camera instead of the rear-view mirror, the pneumatic suspension that can change the height to reduce drag. Design so that it consumes as little power as possible. Depending on the versions, the range of operation will vary, but the average falls to about 804 km after each charge.

Although it can still charge via the included charger, the company expects battery power to come mainly from the sun. According to the analysis, there is plenty of time to solar cell systems on energy-efficient vehicles. It may be when the car is on the road, when parked in the yard, … Expected next year, Lightyear will begin testing the prototype first and by 2020 the official sale. The price of each car is estimated at $ 135,000, but as the scale of production begins to expand, costs will drop and car prices are expected to be $ 26,000 each at that time.

& nbsp;
alt = “LY6.jpg”
data-height = “1238”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4521701_LY6.jpg”
data-width = “2000” />
It is known that installing solar panels on the roof to power electronics for vehicles is not a completely new idea. The Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid in Japan is equipped with a solar panel system developed by Panasonic, with the addition of about 6 km of daily running range. Many car manufacturers also use this technology to support the operation of the air conditioning system or light inside the car.

[Infographic] Compare the life of garbage with species

Plastic is a very versatile material, cheap, durable, … thanks to them that our lives become easier. However, the dark side of the plastic is formed from the very good side of it, because they are so cheap we use the bluff and flush them everywhere, because they are so durable that they can not decompose and pollute. serious. The following infographic will give us a more detailed view of the extent of waste pollution by comparing their lifespan with species.


Source: visualistan.com

Elon Musk Christmas presents: Pay close to half a million dollars to buy laptop for students

Students from Flint, Michigan, USA recently received an early Christmas present from Elon Musk. The tech village billionaire has spent $ 423,000 to buy Chromebooks for all 7th and 8th grade students at the Flint Community School District. The school administration announced this information at a meeting on Wednesday

It is unclear how many students Elon Musk gifted. In all, Flint Community Schools has 4,500 students in kindergarten through grade 12. And unlike many gift giving, Elon Musk does not donate computers to the school but donates to students, meaning you can take them. They go home, not the school.

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has focused on the Flint area. Earlier when the clean water incident in the city occurred, Musk promised to help every family here have clean water to eat. In October, the 47-year-old CEO donated $ 500,000 to install ultraviolet ray filtration systems for all 12 schools in the area. These water purifiers are being installed and will be ready in January 2016.

Refer to Fortune < /i>

[News] Men in Black International: Thor’s new cast, Liam Neeson …

After 6 years since Men in Black 3 debuted, Sony Pictures released a sequel, Named Men in Black International, scheduled for June 14, 1976, the summer season. 2019.


Men in Black (MiB) is a real term in the United States, referring to people in black, supposedly working for the US government, specializing in information about aliens and UFOs. Their job is to find people, scientists or UFOs to threaten them from disseminating information, then wipe their memories with a special device.


Aliens Remover
The MiB series produced by Columbia Pictures is also based on these assumptions, but the MiB agents in the film have very specific tasks, which are supervising the activities of aliens. The MiB series is co-starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, as Jay and Kay.


M and H agents in Part 4
In Part 4 of MiB International, the limits of alien processing are no longer limited internally within the United States, which has reached international reach, so the film is called International, and the times This is in the UK. Part 4 also features new cast members, including Tessa Thompson as M, “The Devil”. Chris Hemsworth as H, alongside veteran actor Liam Neeson. The movie is set to open theaters on June 14, 1919.

& nbsp;
alt = “MiB.jpg”
data-height = “861”
data-permalink = “https://photo2.tinhte.vn/data/attachment-files/2018/12/4521975_MiB.jpg”
data-width = “630” />

Speedy Plans In Thai Women – Updated

There are a lot of persons trying to find completely absolutely adore on the net. There are numerous people searching for utterly really enjoy on the web. You can find these people searching for get pleasure from over the internet. As you are getting ready to embark on the world wide web to watch out for appreciate, very first you should determine the ideal lover and what kind of romance it’s looking for. Lots of people just like a tiny thriller several persons trying to find adore online desire to know who these kinds of are dealing with. Giving up cigarettes trying to find adore on the internet, you are likely to swiftly notice that nearly each of the critique labeled in direction of getting really like internet is just not too ideal.

Finding out how to find take pleasure in is all about attending to what you would love in a very companion. If you want the best partner, you should be the perfect companion as well. The possible associates are probably inferior adequate previously plus not necessarily seeking to offer psychological help from the beginning. Humour, as well, is one of the crucial qualities which he wants. Your second half isn’t a mind visitor to your site, hence tell them precisely how you’re feeling. Perhaps your partner can be demonstrating a satisfied individuality through in the garden nevertheless these kinds of are desperate to claim back with you again. You will visit a partner from any country and any lifestyle in this world, plus traveling 5, 000 kilometers to satisfy a girl is no longer this sort of big offer.

The New Angle On Overseas Brides Just Released

You might have lots of like who are around you, via good friends and even family members. You do have a lot of like around you, coming from good friends together with family. When you are searching for like online, you can expect to immediately notice that basically each of the critique branded to selecting take pleasure in on-line is not too correct.

Definitely, appreciate is incredibly wonderful. When you finally understand that take pleasure in, you could be absolute to locate your own both you and true love. Discover how to be familiar with top secret regulations associated with appeal throughout definitely like, and you may notice that understanding how to look for true take pleasure in will be as basic for a move inside place.

You may have a lot of appreciate on you, via pals. You’ve got a discount of affection for you, through relatives and buddies. When you’re searching for really enjoy on the web, you might soon find that many typically the complaint branded towards getting love on the internet genuinely essentially and so accurate.

The Unusual Secret of Overseas Brides

You should not create a person believe that you simply on the web-site like Youtube http://www.thai-woman.com/faq/ to have put down, must be lots of when, that will be a immediate shut off. Filipino ladies might just be the proper partner in order to devote the remaining you will by using. Australian women of all ages has to be cherished forever. Cookware women of all ages can be satisfied plus content material provided they have got his passion of the outstanding gentleman, and their family members. American ladies in the opposing palm care more about like a place of your labor force and thus hardly ever have enough time for their particular husbands.

Should you wish to way girls using pets be certain you do have a doggy. As a result of online, actually is simply as easy to accomplish a mature Ruskies woman within Moscow online since actually is to satisfy the lady across the street. You may go out there plus bring your dream lady.